Summer Reading Club reviews

From Diane Catalano

Title/Author Here’s to Us/Elin Hildebrand

Elin Hildebrand is one of my favorite summer authors. She releases a book every June and it is just in time for sitting by the beach and/or pool with an easy read that wisps you away to a life on Nantucket Island. Her latest release does not disappoint with drama filled pages of a family who is brought together on the island the sudden death of their patriarch. I enjoy reading about the social life and the scenery that makes up the island. One day I hope to get to visit and pray that it lives up to the hype I have envisioned after all these years of reading about this sacred place! I definitely recommend for anyone looking for a quick, light read full of romance and drama.
Title/Author The Marriage of Opposites/Alice Hoffman

This is a story that surrounds the life of a Jewish woman in the 1800. It starts off when she is a child and goes through all the way until she is well into adulthood. It talks about growing up in a segregated community on the island of St. Thomas where back then slavery was still a custom. There are a few families lives that all intertwine together as it describes their lives and hardships they faced (death by disease, famine, storms, etc.). It was a great read that kept me captivated and wanting more. I definitely recommend it.

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