A razor wrapped in silk : a St. Petersburg mystery

From  Eileen Effrat
Author:  R.N. Morris
Title:  A razor wrapped in silk : a St. Petersburg mystery 
This is the third in Morris’s historical crime mysteries featuring Porfiry  Petrovich, the detective from Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. Two murders at opposite end of Russia’s social stratum —-an orphaned child laborer and an aristocratic  beauty—-test the deductive and intuitive skills of St. Petersburg’s premier detective. Are the two murders linked? Is this political provocation by revolutionaries? As the investigation proceeds, Petrovich’s life is threatened by those inside the Tsarist government and by those revolutionaries seeking social change. For an authentic portrayal of St. Petersburg in 1870,this is right on the mark. You can feel the political and social tensions of Tsarist Russia on the verge of revolution, as Morris describes the working conditions in factories and the luxurious living of the Russian nobility.  Although each novel can stand alone, I would suggest beginning with A Gentle Axe, and then A Vengeful Longing  to get a strong feel for the main character, Petrovich.

The Blackhouse

From  Eileen Effrat
Author:  Peter May
Title:  The Blackhouse
This is the first in a planned trilogy featuring Inspector Fin Macleod of the Edinburgh police. Born and raised on the Isle of Lewis,he returns after 25 years to investigate a murder that has a similar pattern to a recent spate  of murders in Edinburgh. As he begins to unravel the connections,  Macleod   confronts 25 year old feuds and jealousies in this tight knit community. Although a police procedural, it is also a psychological study of Macleod’s homecoming after all those years. If this setting interests you, another TARTAN NOIR   series set in the Shetland Islands  and written by Ann Cleeves is a good choice. Start with Raven Black.

C is for Corpse

From Sandi Rosenthal
Title:  C is for Corpse
Author:  sue Grafton
This is the third book in a series about Kinsey Milhone who is a private investigator. In this book she was hired by a man who thought that someone was trying to kill him. It is a light type of murder mystery and an enjoyable read.

Unwanted: A novel

From  Eileen  Effrat
Author:  Kristina Ohlsson
Unwanted:  A novel
In Sweden,a mother leaves her six year old daughter sleeping on a train while she slips off the train to make a quick telephone call. The train leaves without her and the daughter disappears. The child’s body is found hundreds of miles away with the word  “UNWANTED” scrawled on her forehead. In quick succession, 2 other child abductions occur with the same M.O.. What follows is the pursuit of a ruthless child killer.  This is a police procedural from a new Swedish  author. If you enjoy Nordic noir, give this a try.

The hypnotist

From Eileen Effrat
Author:  Lars Kepler
The hypnotist 
A family has been brutally murdered in a Stockholm suburb. The lone survivor is the teenage son who has sustained multiple stab wounds and is in a state of shock. With no clues to follow,  Detective  Joona Linna enlists the help of a retired hypnotist, Erik Bark. The hypnotism works, but unleashes an unforeseen chain of events. Written by a Swedish husband and wife team, this is an intense  and very disturbing novel that explores psychological and physical abuse, revenge and gang violence.

Grave Sight

From Robin McCracken,
author: Harris, Charlaine
Grave Sight
Interesting easy read on a new character, Harper Connelly, who has a gift to find dead people and how they died. Charlaine Harris has a gift also, in my opinion, to keep you wanting to read her stories. Her character “Harper” like “Sookie” gets into circumstances beyond her control, with lots of enemies along the way.

Burning Wire

From Andrea Kalinowski
author: Deaver, Jeffrey
Burning Wire
I recently finished “Burning wire,” the continuation of the Lincoln
Rhyme/Amelia Sachs storyline.  In this novel, Lincoln, more than ever,
brought to mind Sherlock Holmes and his method of detection.  Something in the way both men can extrapolate reams of information from the most
insignificant thing.  The electricity aspect was also dual-edged because
they described the electricity we need to run appliances, etc. but the
human body functions similarly to an electrical system. The nervous
system, being the supplier of electricity, in the generation of nerve
impulses. Another similarity, which just occurred to me, is the criminal
masterminds featured.  They are both evil geniuses but the master
detective always triumphs.  A thoroughly enjoyable read, suspenseful to
the end.