I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced

From Elaine Conner
author: Ali, nujood
I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced
This story is told in the voice of the heroine, Nujood, simply and clearly.  Nujood is a young girl from Yemen who is married off at the age of ten to a man three times her age,even though it is illegal to marry off a child before the age of 15. Despite the promise to abstain until she reached puberty, the husband continually raped and abused her before she reached puberty.   She does the unheard of in her society.She defies family, husband and culture  to  find her way to the court house to demand to see a judge  in order to seek  a divorce  from the cruel rape and beatings she was subjected to. She is fortunate to find compassionate judge and dedicated lawyer who champion her case andthe future for other young girls in Yemen and other places in the world where her story has made her an international hero.

Fit to a tee : the ultimate endurance, strength & flexibility system for golfers of every ability

From Elaine Conner
author: Jackowski, Edward
Fit to a tee : the ultimate endurance, strength & flexibility system for golfers of every ability
Need to get in shape for golf? Want to improve your game? By following the simple and clearly illustrated instructions in this book you can make significant gains in distance and help to lower your golf score. The book has a DVD included in which the author instructs a male and a female, both golf pros, through the exercises to strengthen each of the muscle groups.  The video makes it clear how the exercises should be performed correctly and which muscle groups the exercise will help.  I found this a great inspiration for getting into shape and continuing to exercise for flexibility, weight loss, and endurance.   A final chapter also gives healthy eating tips for golfers.