From Terry DelBalso

Title:  Loverboy

Author:  R.G. Belsky

A real thriller featuring a female reporter with a mess of a life trying to survive after numerous failed marriages, an alcohol addiction and the main character of all of her front-page stories trying to kill her. She faces ups and downs, twists and turns, a number of near-death experiences and more, all while trying to find peace within herself and a better life without the pain she’s felt for more than a decade from guilt and regrets.


From Elaine Pasquali

Title:  Zapped

Author:  Carol  Higgins Clark

Regan Riley books are always a good read and this was no exception. P.I.  Regan Riley and her husband Jack (head of the Manhattan Major Case Squad) return from their honeymoon to a major NYC blackout.   They simultaneously become  involved in three crimes:an apartmnent break-in, an art gallery theft, and a near murder.  The solving of all three crimes intertwine.  A fast paced, enjoyable story

Very Valentine

From Terry DelBalso

Title:  Very Valentine 

Author:  Adriana Trigiani

This book takes you on a jouney from Greenwich Village to Italy and back as the main character Valentine Roncalli steps up to save the family business. Her grandmother is running a business that has been in the family sice 1903 which is failing finacially as the world of craftmanship gets phased out. Valentine finds strength she did not even know she had to bring it to the next level and while doing so she finds love where she least expected it.