Summer Reading Club review

From Joell Percy

Title/Author Siddhartha, Herman Hesse

This book follows the journey of Siddhartha. He begins his life in the study of the doctrine of Brahman, follows the Samana, and subsequently partakes in the path of the childlike people. It is after suffering feels of being suffocated and choked spiritually that he leaves his life in society and joins a ferryman. In following the simple life of the ferryman, he learns to listen to the river and all around him and gains the wisdom of Om.


Summer Reading Club review

From theresa Gustafson

Title/Author Sam Maloof by Fred SetterbergĀ 

Last summer we visited Sam Maloof’s foundation and home in California. It was amazing. So when I saw this book about him and his craft I was very interested. Even Jimmy Carter called this man “the best craftsman that ever lived.” His furniture is beautiful and really expensive.There are many illustrations.

Summer Reading Club reviews

From sara lefsky

Title/Author My name is Lucy Barton/Elizabeth Strout

A book about relationships. In this case Lucy is in a hospital for 5 wks. after complications from surgery & her mother appears in the rom. She stays 5 nights in the hospital w/ her daughter, but doesn’t connect, even after not seeing her daughter 9 yrs. w/ a marriage & 2 grandchildren. There has always been disconnection in Lucy’s life w/ her entire family. She had hoped to hear “I love you Lucy” from her mother and when her mother leaves, she didn’t ever remember if she had heard those words.

Title/Author Night/Elie Wiesel

This is most probably the most famous Holocaust survivor that told an actual account of the horrors that encompassed his entire family as well as millions of other Jewish people. He won the Nobel Prize for Peace and actually just passed away. He recounts the rounding up of Jewish people in his town & how methodically the Jewish people were taken by towns, on foot, little backpacks or small bundles of food & change of clothes, trekking to trains, herded into cattle cars, and brought to camps such as his–Birkenau & then, Auschwitz. His mom and sister were separated & eventually perished.

Title/Author All those who leave do not return/Shulem Dean

The very religious Jewish sects don’t allow people to have the freedoms that most of us do have & cherish. This young man married, became as religious as his wife. They had 5 children & lived in an area with the same group of people who were very religious. The wife did all the work & took care of children and house.This man, the husband, studied day & not but wasn’t a good provider. They moved to different areas & began to study mysticism called Kabbalah. The man was fooled into believing terrible things. The family fell apart & divorced.

Title/Author Saving Sophie/Ronald Balson

Sophie was a little girl growing up in a family who were with modern ways in America. The husband’s family came from the Arab world where the rules were different and customs followed closely. Sophie was left with her grandparents and when they refused to let her return to her family in the States, there was a long and involved search to get her safely back to America.

Title/Author The Japanese Lover/Isabel Allende

This was a time in California when the Japanese were in internment camps after the bomb in Hiroshima. This wealthy family in California had a Japanese gardener who fell in love with their daughter. They never married each other but married other people and still had various arrangements through their lifetime to spend several weekends together.