Immortally Yours

From Andrea Kalinowski
Author:  Angie Fox
Immortally Yours
Immortally Yours is an imaginative read. The author combines the human world and the world of the gods/goddesses more closely. In mythology, an occasional god or goddess, attracted by the antics of humans, would assume a different form to visit and/or torment humans. However, in this author’s innovative take on the situation, humans and other non-god creatures, i.e. vampires, vegetarian werewolves, are conscripted. They are pressed into service as M.A.S.H. personnel and there is no furlough. Dr. Petra Robichaud is one of those who has been pressed into service. She is a thoracic surgeon with a little something extra. She is leery of exposing herself to the gods/goddesses lest they target her. Unfortunately, due to her gift/curse, she carries the burden of fulfilling the prophecy. The prophecy foretells the ending of the war and is eagerly awaited by all those pressed into the service of the gods/goddesses. Her gift/curse enables her to save Galen, a demi-god, and he becomes part of the prophecy. Petra is faced with an impossible choice with the reading of the final part of the prophecy. Stay tuned since the author already has a teaser included at the end of this paranormal adventure.

Tales from the Tarmac

From Andrea  Kalinowski
Author:  Claudia Helena Oxee
Tales from the Tarmac
Tales from the Tarmac by Claudia Helena Oxee was, for me, a tad reminiscent of Plane Insanity by Elliott Hester. Both books talked about the behind the scenes activity in airports and aboard the aircraft. Tales from the Tarmac included anecdotal stories from a multitude whereas Plane Insanity was straight from a flight attendant’s viewpoint. There were two stories which I found particularly outrageous and both dealt with defenseless individuals. One was a mentally deficient woman who was ticketed with another adult, placed onboard an aircraft and told she was going to Disney. She was subsequently abandoned by her care-giver. The flight staff attempted to render assistance but sometime during the night, the woman vanished. The other involved an older, non-English speaking disabled passenger. Instead of being wheel chaired directly to the appropriate gate for his connecting flight, he was left in a corner and subsequently missed his connection. The author proved to be a heroine in this case by ensuring his safe arrival at a new gate with a new ticket. Both of them were quite interesting reads but I think I will stay grounded a little while longer.

Garment of Shadows

From Andrea Kalinowski
Author:  Laurie R. King
Garment of Shadows 
Garment of Shadows by Laurie R. King is the further adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his wife, Mary Russell. That’s right, the great misogynist is married, and has been for a while. The latest installment occurs in Morocco where Mary Russell awakes in a strange room with blood on her hands. She slowly awakes to the realization that she is suffering from amnesia. Her native instinct for survival, leads her to safety. She is reunited with her husband and slowly her memories fall into place. However, the danger is not past, the enemies must still be discovered. She and Sherlock must uncover the true mastermind who is plotting against the safety of the British Empire. A fast, entertaining read.

Love in Disguise

From Ginny  Pisciotta
Author:  Carol Cox
Love in Disguise
It’s the 1880’s and would-be actress Ellie has just lost her job as wardrobe mistress and personal assistant to a theatre starlet.  With no money for rent or food, she overhears 2 Pinkerton agents talking about the need for a female operative.  She uses her acting skills and costuming experience to convince them to give her a chance.

She leaves Chicago to head for Arizona.  Along the way she is to meet the more experienced female agent she is to work with.  When the other agent bows out to get married, Ellie continues on alone, hoping to solve the mystery (thefts of silver shipments) before the agency recalls her.

The book gives the reader  a little humor as Ellie plays two very different roles in a western mining town with an  assortment of interesting characters, a little romance as she falls for the owner of one of the silver mines, and a little supense as mysteries always have their villains and danger.  All in all, it’s a pretty good read.

Now You See Me


From Eileen Effrat
Author:  S. J.  Bolton
Now You See Me
I have read and thoroughly enjoyed Bolton’s three previous novels, but this latest surpasses all. A series of brutal murders are occurring in London—–strongly reminiscent of Jack the Ripper’s killings 100 years earlier. As the novel progresses it becomes apparent a “link” exists between these murders and Lacy Flint, a young detective on the Metropolitan Police Force. A series of interspersed chapters recount a brutal gang rape eleven years earlier of two sisters. Is Lacy one of those girls? Are these revenge killings? This is a cleverly plotted psychological thriller with some very surprising twists. Bolton’s extensive knowledge of British folklore, mythology, and history adds an additional dimension to the setting. I could not put this book down.