Vampire Academy

From  vendula schonfeldova

Title:  Vampire Academy 

Author:  Richelle Mead

Story is about two young best friends (a vampire princess and dampier who needs to protect the princess.) They are taken back to the university they run away from to be watched. Bad guys Strigois (bad vampires) want to kill the princess. The girls would not to be worried only because of strigois from outside of school, even from everyone at school. Suddenly weird things going on and princess is in danger. Everything end ups perfectly safe, girls are safe, in love and bad (one of the teachers) is killed because he wanted to destroy a princess. They successfully finishes their academic year and get ready for the other. Still need to watch each others back.

Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula : or, The adventure of the sanguinary count

From  Andrea Kalinowski
Author:  John H. Watson
Title:  Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula : or, The adventure of the sanguinary count 
Sherlock Holmes is an enduring character in my literary world. He is a tall, gaunt man, famous for stating “How often have I said to you (Watson) that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?” In Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula or the Adventure of the Sanguinary Count by John H. Watson, M.D. as edited by Loren D. Estleman, Sherlock Holmes is on the trail of that most imfamous vampire, Count Dracula of Transylvania. The Count has decided to relocate his base of operations, little realizing the formidable opponent he will face upon England’s shores. Holmes solicits the assistance of his erstwhile and forever faithful companion, John Watson in fighting this villain. There are some hairy moments when the fate of these two men seems to hang in the balance.

The accidental werewolf

From Andrea Kalinowski
Author:  Dakota Cassidy
Title:  The accidental werewolf 
I am all over the map in my reading tastes. I will read almost anything, bearing in mind one teacher’s admonition to read at least 50 pages before casting the work aside. I will sometimes return to a cast-aside work later in the month and/or year and find that it now captures my imagination. This rule of 50 pages is one I instituted with my father,also, since I am the one who carts home the books he reads. But all digressions aside, I recently started reading the Accidental series by Dakota Cassidy. The book which kicks off the series, Accidental werewolf, should be thankful for the 50 page rule. Somehow, even though I enjoy paranormal creatures, this book was slow to capture my full attention but once it did, I could not let go. After the first fifty pages, the story and the characters really caught and retained my attention. The main characters are Marty Andrews, Nina Blackman, and Wanda Schwartz. Marty Andrews is a Bobbie-Sue cosmetics consultant. Nina and Wanda become friends with Marty through her recruitment efforts.They each have their own story in the Accidental series of how they come to be paranormal and their individual road to acceptance because who really wants to outlive their friends and lovers or give up Oreos or survive on a liquid diet? Accidental werewolf is followed by Accidentally dead, Accidentally human, Accidentally demonic, Accidentally catty, Accidentally dead again and Accidentally genie. I am halfway through the series and cannot wait to find out how their friendship survives these paranormal changes.

Immortally Yours

From Andrea Kalinowski
Author:  Angie Fox
Immortally Yours
Immortally Yours is an imaginative read. The author combines the human world and the world of the gods/goddesses more closely. In mythology, an occasional god or goddess, attracted by the antics of humans, would assume a different form to visit and/or torment humans. However, in this author’s innovative take on the situation, humans and other non-god creatures, i.e. vampires, vegetarian werewolves, are conscripted. They are pressed into service as M.A.S.H. personnel and there is no furlough. Dr. Petra Robichaud is one of those who has been pressed into service. She is a thoracic surgeon with a little something extra. She is leery of exposing herself to the gods/goddesses lest they target her. Unfortunately, due to her gift/curse, she carries the burden of fulfilling the prophecy. The prophecy foretells the ending of the war and is eagerly awaited by all those pressed into the service of the gods/goddesses. Her gift/curse enables her to save Galen, a demi-god, and he becomes part of the prophecy. Petra is faced with an impossible choice with the reading of the final part of the prophecy. Stay tuned since the author already has a teaser included at the end of this paranormal adventure.

Plain fear : forsaken

From Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  Leanna Ellis
Plain fear : forsaken 
Vampires and the Amish, sounds bizarre and I was skeptical at first but the story slowly lured me in until I was hooked.  It begins with a young man running for his life and evolves into a young Amish woman haunted by her dead boyfriend and an ex-cop from New Orleans hunting for his wife’s killer.  It is a dark story of secrets, love, faith and a battle to save a woman’s life and her immortal soul.

A Taste of Crimson (book 2)

From Robin McCracken
author: Liu, Marjorie M.
A Taste of Crimson (book 2)
The peace between humans, vampires and werewolves move unsteadily, and are on the brink of collapse. Different character names, same synopsis in book 1. The powers of each species are enhancing, but the end result is the same. Boy gets girl or the girl gets boy.

The Longer the Fall

From Robin McCracken
author: Arthen, Inanna
The Longer the Fall
Refusal to be fully honest, Diana, who was raised within a secretive magical organization and Thomas Morgan, a member of the Order who she believes may be immortal, plan a magical spell, but find each other in a disaster beyond their worst nightmares. They are forced to confront the deadly consequences of their fully developed spell turning against them and those who helped them.  At the end, an interesting twist.

The President’s Vampire

From Rosemarie Jerome
author: Farnsworth, Christopher
 The President’s Vampire
In this sequel to Blood Oath, vampire Nathaniel Cade and his human handler, Zach Barrows, must save mankind from creatures who not only kill but spread their contagion that changes humans into snakeheads.  Suspend your disbelief for a wild non-stop action thriller adventure, the interaction between Cade and his sidekick Zach are worth the trip.