From  Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  Sarah Pinborough
Title:  Mayhem
Visions of blood! Opium induced dreams of doom! Nineteenth century London is gripped by fear, as Jack the Ripper and the Torso Killer are leaving mutilated corpses throughout the city. Scotland Yard and police surgeon, Dr. Thomas Bond, are hunting these elusive killers.  A mysterious Jesuit priest is also searching for the Torso Killer, but his theories about this monster are much darker and unnatural.  Definitely not for the squeamish, this macabre suspense will haunt you.

The accidental werewolf

From Andrea Kalinowski
Author:  Dakota Cassidy
Title:  The accidental werewolf 
I am all over the map in my reading tastes. I will read almost anything, bearing in mind one teacher’s admonition to read at least 50 pages before casting the work aside. I will sometimes return to a cast-aside work later in the month and/or year and find that it now captures my imagination. This rule of 50 pages is one I instituted with my father,also, since I am the one who carts home the books he reads. But all digressions aside, I recently started reading the Accidental series by Dakota Cassidy. The book which kicks off the series, Accidental werewolf, should be thankful for the 50 page rule. Somehow, even though I enjoy paranormal creatures, this book was slow to capture my full attention but once it did, I could not let go. After the first fifty pages, the story and the characters really caught and retained my attention. The main characters are Marty Andrews, Nina Blackman, and Wanda Schwartz. Marty Andrews is a Bobbie-Sue cosmetics consultant. Nina and Wanda become friends with Marty through her recruitment efforts.They each have their own story in the Accidental series of how they come to be paranormal and their individual road to acceptance because who really wants to outlive their friends and lovers or give up Oreos or survive on a liquid diet? Accidental werewolf is followed by Accidentally dead, Accidentally human, Accidentally demonic, Accidentally catty, Accidentally dead again and Accidentally genie. I am halfway through the series and cannot wait to find out how their friendship survives these paranormal changes.

George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved The American Revolution

From Eileen Effrat
Author:  Brian Kilmeade
Title:  George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved The American Revolution
George Washington was astute enough to realize he could not beat the British with manpower and arms.  Following his experiences in the French & Indian Wars, Washington decided to set up a network of spies to provide timely information in anticipation of  British military moves.  This covert group of 6 agents displayed  fearlessness and leadership.  They risked their lives for a cause they believed in.  The Culper Spy ring included-

*Robert Townsend—-Quaker merchant
*Austin Roe—-tavern keeper
*Caleb Brewster—-longshoreman who ferried between Long Island and Connecticut
*Abraham Woodhull—Long Island businessman with connections to Manhattan
*James Rivington—-Manhattan coffeehouse owner and print shop owner
*Agent 355—- a female socialite whose identity remains unknown.

Kilmeade, in his research, demonstrates how the Culper Ring was VERY instrumental in preventing Benedict Arnold from handing over West Point to the British.  I think a comment from a British intelligence officier  sums up the  importance  of the Culper Spy Ring best—-“Washington did not really outfight the British, he simply outspied us!”.

Every Crooked Nanny

From  Andrea Kalinowski
Author:  Kathy Hogan Trocheck
Title:  Every Crooked Nanny
I was tracking down a book for a patron and came across the words a Callahan Garrity novel. I can’t say exactly why this combination of names intrigued me so much but I put a reserve on the first in the series and could not put it down. Julia Callahan Garrity was an Atlanta police officer at one time but left the force and bought a housecleaning business. House Mouse was the name of the business and it included a van already emblazoned with the name House Mouse. Money was tight for Callahan Garrity and so the name stayed on the van even though she would have preferred a different appellation. Callahan Garrity’s sideline is investigative work and corralling her mother in addition to riding herd on her house mice. She has a love/hate relationship with her mother but the love portion wins out more often than not which is beneficial since they share one abode. I am on the third book of the series and am curious about what lies ahead for Callahan Garrity. Will she marry? Will the cancer recur? Will she rejoin the police force? Join me in reading about Callahan Garrity and her exploits in riding herd on her friends/employees and her investigative forays. This series, originally published under the name Kathy Hogan Trocheck, is being reissued under the author’s true name Mary Kay Andrews.