The Kite Runner

From Alexus  Haddad

Title:  The Kite Runner

 Author:  Khaled Hosseini

 This book tells of the hard life and history in Afghanistan. Amir is a wealthy Pashtun boy who has two servants, a father and son. The servant\’s son is named Hassan, and is a Hazara. There is ethnic diversity in Afghanistan. Those who are Hazaras are usually treated unfairly. Amir and his father escape Afghanistan and migrated to the US, where they made a new life there. Amir learns the hardships of life. Amir soon finds out, after his father’s death, that Hassan was really his brother and that his son, Sohrab is in Afghanistan, where the Taliban has conquered the government. Amir ends up saving Sohrab. The story ends in a full circle, where Amir is flying a kite, like he used to with Hassan in their youth, during an Afghan tradition.

Great Expectations

From Terry DelBalso

Title:  Great Expectations

Author:  Charles Dickens

This was such a beautiful coming of age book about relationships and a young boy named Pip growing up and experiencing the beauties and challenges of life. Throughout the entire book I could almost feel his emotions and became close with those he loved and disliked those characters I thought were bad. It truly felt as though I was in the moment with him watching him grow.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

From Terry  DelBalso

Title:  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 

Author:  Betty Smith

This is a classic American story of a girl growing up in Brooklyn in the early 1900’s. It gets to the heart of  childhood experiences and the family dynamics in that time and place. The story takes you through the family’s interaction in poverty and in better days. I had heard about this book and am so glad I finallty read it. I felt like I was actually seeing the characters.

Why we took the car

From Jackie Cantwell
Author:  Wolfgang  Herrndorf
Title:  Why we took the car 
Destined to become a YA classic, this story features a 14 year-old boy, Mike Klingenberg, who could be Holden Caulfield?s German cousin. The book was translated from the German by Tim Mohr, and nothing was lost in the translation. Mike has a serious crush on pretty and popular Tatiana, and he’s awaiting an invitation to her birthday party that summer. Mike is just another disaffected Berlin youth, until he meets the mysterious Andre Tschichatschow (Tschick), a Russian immigrant, who comes to class drunk and disheveled.  When Tschick steals a car, Mike joins him without hesitation, to escape his unraveling family life. Mike considers himself boring, but Tshick disagrees, “You just have to do something to make yourself stand out.” Adults will like this book as much as teens. I still think about the characters, long after finishing the book. Enjoy the ride!


From Marie K. Schulken
author: Sullivan, J. Courtney
 This is the second book I have read by this author, the other, her recent book, Maine.  This is the story of four young women who begin their freshman year at Smith College.  They are from various parts of the country and have different lifestyles, however, they do become fast friends.  The story follows their lives well after graduation, through the wedding celebration of one of the four and ultimately the challenges they are facing five years after graduation.  A definite beach read, not real challenging, preferred her second book “Maine”.