Summer Reading Club reviews

From janette lohan

Title/Author A wanted Man/ Lee Child

Loved this book. All his books are action packed and thrillers to the end. Reading the whole 20 book series. Hope they never end.As an innocent hitch hiker he gets a ride and ends up in a murder conspiracy. But being an ex-military policeman he begins to put the puzzle pieces together. Good read

Title/Author gone tomorrow/lee child

Jack Reacher rides the subway, confronting a woman looking to blow up the subway, What happens from here leads him to a new murder mystery dating back to the afghanistan war in the 80’s. Lots of powerful people are behind this but Reacher never backs down from a good fight or romance.

Summer Reading Club review

From Sharon Daly

Title/Author A Front Page Affair Radha Vatsal

A murder mystery set in the early 1900s. The lead character is a young female of privilege who is more interested in journalism than the traditional role of wife and mother. While covering a story, she is present at a socialite’s party when a man is murdered in the stables. Her instincts are piqued and she becomes involved in the investigation. The story holds the reader’s interest, but the ending finishes abruptly. Somewhat disappointing.

Summer Reading Club review

From Carol Grassel

Title/Author Crisis of Character/Gary J. Byrne

An insightful read into the Clintons and even more so into the secret service and federal marshalls — I learned lots of new information as to how all three operate/operated — be sure to read the Afterword — it was very interesting to read about the training (or lack of) that our secret servie go through — this book makes you think about our nation’s safety.

Summer Reading Club review

From Terry DelBalso

Title/Author The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston & Mario Spezi

The modern day equivalent of serial killer Jack The Ripper. The non-fiction book covers the investigation, or lack thereof, of eight couples murdered in Florence, Italy between 1974 to 1985. The culprit was never found. What follows is Preston’s story, which begins when he moves his family to Italy in order to research a new book he is writing. He becomes fascinated by the story of the murders and starts to investigate them. At one point, he is accused of being the murderer. You will not want to put this book down.

Summer Reading Club reviews

From Beth-Anne Ambrosio

Garry Marshall. My Happy Days in Hollywood

This was a wonderful book. I happened to be reading the book when Mr. Marshall passed away. The book is an easy light read but tells amazing stories of all the celebrities he worked with, and all the TV shows he created, and movies he made, from Odd Couple, Hapoy Days , Laverne & Shirley and Mork & Mindy, to Overboard, Pretty Woman, and the Princess Diaries.

Precious Gifts, Danielle Steel

This was a very entertaining book that took the reader from New York City to many cities in France, Germany, And Italy. It was a book thT makes you appreciate family and all the gifts we are given from them

Summer Reading Club review

From Sara Jane Neidl

The Last Painting of Sara De Vos-Dominic Smith
A Wealthy New Yorker named Marty de Groot has inherited painting by a 17 th c. woman painter .It is referred to as her ;last painting.
Artist and art restorer Ellie is talked into making an exact copy. When does a copy become a forgery ? When it’s substituted for the real thing. Marty suspects Ellie is the forger and plays cat and mouse games with her till he gets it back during a mix up in which both paintings are sent to a museum for exhibit.

Ellie tries to regain her professional standing by becoming a museum lecturer in Australia, her place of birth. She needs a change and goes to Leiden Holland where almost as an act of penance she burns the fake painting. Can it be a heavenly reward or an act of fate when in an old attic she finds another painting by Sara de Vos, truly her last.