Puss in boots [videorecording DVD]

From Andrea  Kalinowski
Author:  Wheeler Tom
Puss in boots [videorecording DVD]
Puss in Boots (DVD) was a brand new take on an old tale. Antonio Banderas voiced Puss and Salma Hayek lent her sultry tone to his love interest, Kitty Softpaws. Kitty Softpaws was a double-edged moniker – Softpaws  because she is a deft thief and Softpaws because her owners declawed her for either playing too rough one day or clawing their furniture. This movie was mainly a blend of old nursery rhymes and it was woven together quite seamlessly. Humpty Dumpty was Puss’s friend in the orphanage but their paths diverged. Humpty Dumpty was eternally in pursuit of the magic beans which he thought would bring him wealth. In the end, Humpty Dumpty redeemed himself. Even though this movie is rated PG-13, I would definitely not let the under 13 set watch it by themselves since many of the themes were for mature audiences.

The Uncommon Reader

From Ellen Druda
Author:  Alan Bennett
The Uncommon Reader
 This is a quick 120 page book about what would happen if the Queen of England was able to escape her minders and mingle, just a bit, with the commoners.   Once she is exposed to the wonderful world of books and reading, her majesty discovers so very, very much.  Light hearted and lovely.

Claude and Camille: A Novel of Monet

From Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  Stephanie Cowell
Claude and Camille:  A Novel of Monet
This beautiful, bittersweet love story shows the impovished life of Impressionist painter, Claude Monet and his wife Camille-Leonie Doncieux. He left his seaside home and moved to Paris to make his fortune. She left her affluent home to become his muse, his wife, and to follow his dream.  Wealth and fame alluded Monet for most of his adult life, but Camille endured the hardships and his bouts with depression as she loved him.  The story depicts the Impressionist Movement in its infancy. The rejection and ridicule artists had to endure to gain acceptance and recognition in the insular art world was difficult. Near the end of his life Monet obtained his dream but his muse was no more.

Sleeping With The Enemy: Coco Chanel’s Secret War

From Eileen Effrat
Author:  Hal Vaughan
Sleeping  With The Enemy:  Coco Chanel’s Secret War
Much has been written about Coco Chanel, but Vaughan’s book covers new ground focusing on her wartime activities in Nazi occupied Paris.  Drawing on newly released American, German, French, and British wartime documents, Vaughn reveals   Chanel as a willing Nazi collaborator and German Abwehr  Special Agent F-71234 –code name  Westminister.  Despite these activities, when over 40,000 French collaborators were executed after the war,   she escapes arrest thanks to powerful friends like Winston Churchill  and systematically paying off people who might have revealed her true wartime activities. Past glossed over, she returns to France in 1954 to rebuild the House of Chanel  and  to reinvent herself.  She may have revolutionized women’s fashion, but she was a nasty piece of work.  Always the opportunist, what  Chanel wanted, Chanel got.