Love You More

From Marie K. Schulken
author: Gardner, Lisa
Love You More
 This book was very good, even better than anticipated.  Lots of twists and turns … a definite thriller with much suspense throughout the story.  You had no way of knowing how it would end and it definitely kept your interest.

The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party

From Rebecca Segers
author: McCall Smith, Alexander
 The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party
This is the 12th in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series and it delivers the same charm and warmth of the previous 11.  In “The Saturday Big Tent Wedding,” Mma Ramotswe handles many different issues, the largest of which is a for a man who owns a ranch outside of town and has had two of his cattle attacked.  As she deals with that major issue, she also handles several smaller ones: her husband’s apprentice Charlie’s presumed fatherhood, the sighting of her beloved little white van that was supposedly put out to pasture, the temptress Violet Sephothos’s run for the Botswana Parliament and the impending wedding of her assistant Grace Makutsi.  As usual, all is resolved with a helping of wit, a dollop of good sense and a hefty dose of love for Africa and especially Botswana.

The Gift, A Hanukkah Story

From Shari Brunning
author: Brodmann, Aliana
The Gift, A Hanukkah Story
I was cleaning out untouched books and almost gave this one away, but the illustrations caught my eye and I started to read. Little girl decides best to drop her five-mark piece in a homeless musician’s hat after hearing his music (in the season of giving) rather than spend it on a fountain pen or a new doll was my take. Author wonderfully explains further that opposite people find common ground in the magic of music and the sharing of each other’s gifts; Germany 1950’s.

One Summer

From Paulette Aspesi
author: Baldacci, David
One Summer
Jack is terminally ill but then his wife is killed in a car accident. After being separated from his kids he decides to pull the plug on himself, but finds that he does not die and what has happened is a miracle with him being free of his cancer. He takes back his kids, but his mother-in-law fights him for them. In the end he wins. He even finds love with a local diner owner.  This book is not up to his standards. Too contrived and unbelievable.
Characterizations,however, were good.

Rice, Men and Barbed Wire

From Marie K. Schulken
author: Bocksel, Arnold A.
 Rice, Men and Barbed Wire
The Author of this book recently passed away, however, he was a member of our Beach Community out in Mattituck.  After reading this wonderful book, I wish I had taken the opportunity to get to know him.  He survived the Bataan Death March and spent more than three years as a Prisoner of War.  He was given the Bronze Heart and the Purple Heart, among other citations, he was a Real hero.

Playing for Pizza

From Tony Chan
author: Grisham, John
Playing for Pizza
After losing the playoff game for the Cleveland Browns against the Denver Broncos by throwing interceptions with 11 minutes left in the game, the
wash-up back-up quarterback, Rick Dockery, left for Italy to play for the Parma Panthers in the Italian Football league.  Most of the book is about how Rick adapted to the Italian culture and winning or losing football games.  Eventually, he led the Parma Panthers to win their first Italian Superbowl.  The other major part of the book is about his relationship with a college co-ed, Livvy, where he would travel with her to sightsee around Italy.