A Little Gentle Sleuthing

From Elaine Pasquali
 A Little Gentle Sleuthing
Author:  Betty Rowlands
 This was Rowlands first crime novel and it was very engaging.  The lead character, Melissa Craig, herself a  crime novel writer, investigates and solves a local crime. Enough character development to enrich the story without detracting from the plot.

Bloody Horowitz

From Kyle Teen Book Reviewer
Author:  Anthony  Horowitz
Bloody Horowitz 
I read the book Bloody Horowitz by Anthony Horowitz. This has 12 different stories in it that do not have happy endings. One of the stories in this book was about a guy named Henry who accused Darren Shan of stealing his story and rewording parts of it in his own words. Then Henry tries to murder Darren Shan by sending him a letter with poison on the envelope. Henry hopes Darren Shan will open the letter and lick the poison off the envelope before sending him a letter back. Darren Shan receives Henry’s letter in the mail. It is all over the news that Darren Shan was murdered by licking poison off an envelope that one of his fans sent to him. You have to read the story to find out what happens next.

 This was my favorite story in this book because I thought it was weird how someone would try to murder another person by putting poison on an envelope. This was a scary, yet very interesting and fun book to read. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a bunch of different scary stories without happy endings.

The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

From Vikram Teen Book Reviewer
Author:  Douglas Adams
The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy 
I have just read the book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. This book begins at Arthur Dent’s house. He wakes up in the morning and notices contractors with bulldozers waiting for Arthur to leave his house so they could destroy it and build a new bypass. Arthur wanted to keep his house, which he felt was special to him, so he laid on his lawn. Arthur’s friend, Ford Perfect, finds Arthur lying in front of the bulldozers. That is how the story starts. Ford Perfect was unusual for the reason that he was an alien.  Ford tries to explain to Arthur that the earth will be destroyed by the Vogons because the greedy aliens wanted to make space for a hyperspace bypass. If I told you anymore about this book, I would ruin the suspense of the book. I would recommend this book to more advanced seventh or eighth graders. This was a great book, and you would like it more especially if you are into action packed books.

The Kingdom of Childhood

From  Rosemarie Jerome
Author:   Rebecca  Coleman
The Kingdom of Childhood
Judy McFarland and Zach Patterson are drawn to each other by needs that start out innocent but quickly turn into something much darker.  Sexual obsession drives a 40 year old wife, mother and teacher to statutory rape and her 16 year old victim to feeling guilt, remorse, anger and self loathing but unable to stop the cycle.  It is a disturbing and twisted situation and even though you get to see both sides of the story it is hard to sympathize with a woman whose past certainly corrupted her.  Powerful and haunting, this controversial book leaves you questioning what secrets are hidden behind the normal facade of everyday life. This is definitely a book to use for discussion groups that don’t mind dealing with this difficult topic.

Draw the dark

From Carson Teen Book Reviewer
Author:  Ilsa  Bick
Draw the dark 
This book is about a seventeen year old boy named Christian Cage. Both of Christian’s parents disappeared when he was little. Due to Christian having no mother or father, he got to live with Uncle Hank, the town Sheriff. Christian’s mother left clues behind for him. These clues led to Christian’s development of the idea that his parents are trapped in a place called “the sideways place.” In school, Christian Cage is considered to be an outsider who doesn’t fit in with the rest because people believe that he caused the near death of his first-grade teacher years earlier. Christian spends extremely great amounts of time drawing images of the sideways place. In the beginning of the story, he discovers that in his sleep he has painted the official emblem of the Nazi Party on a prominent citizen’s barn.  After that, he begins to have nightmares. In his nightmares, he sees violent incidents from the past from the perspective of a young Jewish boy. This scares Christian, so he researches Winter’s history for an explanation, and there are World War II-era events involving a camp for German prisoners of war. Christian also researches and tries to find out about how he is able to draw the thoughts and nightmares of those around him. With Christian in Winter, Wisconsin, the town will not be able to ignore or forget what actually happened where they live. I’d recommend this book to people who like reading books that are mysterious, intense, and creepy. The whole idea of this book is so unique that it will be one memorable book. However, I would not recommend this book to little kids because the writing style can be random at times and hard for some people to get through.

Super human

From  Ryan Teen Book Reviewer
Author:  Michael Carroll 
Super human 
This book is about a teenage boy named Lance McKendrick who earns money by pulling scams on people. Lance wants to keep his identity a secret so it does not go on his record. A group of superheroes are trying to take control of a nuclear power plant that the super villains took over. Lance wants to help. The superheroes are teenagers that have super human abilities. They recruit other super humans to help. Their next target for the super villains is a bigger nuclear power plant. The super villains are looking for something that would bring back Krodin, a ruler of the past of 4,456 years ago. He also had super human abilities and ruled the world. He was said to be immortal, but one day when the sun rose he burned to death. Lance and the superheroes try to prevent Krodin from awakening and defeat the super villains.

I think this book is very interesting but it changes events a lot and you have to be able to learn about the characters quickly or else you will get confused. On the most part it explains everything clearly and is very interesting and it hooks you in at every chapter. I recommend this book to teenagers and early adults because some parts of the book may get confusing and you might need to read parts over and over again. I also recommend this book to people that have lots of time on their hands because the book keeps reeling you in and you want to read more. Lastly, I recommend this book to someone that likes superheroes and super villains and is interested in a comic like story. I highly recommend this book.

Emily the strange. Dark times

From Alex Teen Book Reviewer
Author:  Rob Reger
Emily the strange. Dark times 
Emily The Strange: Dark Times is a very good book. It is about Emily and her adventures. She is very wacky and crazy which I could definitely relate to, but is also kind and patient. She is home-schooled by her mom and has no friends. She also has about four cats. Emily has many inventions.She had used this black rock substance to help power her inventions but when she runs out, she is helpless. She tries to go back to the place where she located it but the source was gone.  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mystery and adventure. When I was done reading it, I was disappointed because I wanted to know more but then I found out that it is the first book of a series.

Sizzling Sixteen

From Elaine Pasquali
Sizzling Sixteen
 Author: Janet Evanovich
Once again, the author delights us with humor and light-hearted mystery.  Stephanie and her side kicks, Lula and Connie, track down their kidnapped boss, Vinnie.  Throw in Grandma Mazur, with a broken foot, and the usual macho competition between Morelli and Ranger and you have a fast paced, fun read.

You Wish

From Mary Teen Book Reviewer
Author: Mandy Hubbard
You Wish
You Wish by Mandy Hubbard is about Kayla, who was soon to be turning 16. Her best friend is Nicole, who is dating dreamy Ben. For Kayla’s 16th birthday wish, all she wants is for her birthday wishes to come true. Of course, she doesn’t believe it will happen because it never did before. One morning she wakes up to see a pink pony in front of her house. Was this real? One by one, all of her wishes come true, except there’s a twist: she doesn’t know when each wish will happen and she’ll have to kiss Ben! I really like the ending and it was very good. I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next. It seemed like Nicole and Kayla wouldn’t be friends ever again. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did! The ending will surprise you and Kayla will never be the same.