The big fat surprise : why butter, meat, and cheese belong in a healthy diet

From Ginny Pisciotta

Author:  Nina Teicholz

Title:  The big fat surprise : why butter, meat, and cheese belong in a healthy diet 

Do you miss bacon and egg breakfasts?  If you are looking for a reason to add delicious saturated fats back into your diet, or if a low-fat diet just isn’t helping you lose weight or gain health, you may want to read this book.  Investigative journalist Nina Teicholz exposes the flawed research and thinking behind so much of the nutritional advice we’ve been getting for decades.  Be prepared, though, to eliminate some other foods you like.

Although the reading can be slow and a bit dry,  the subject matter is extremely interesting.  In my opinion, any book that gives me a reason to eat bacon and cheese is worth reading.

Milk: The Deadly Poison

From Frank DelBalso

Title:  Milk: The Deadly Poison

Author:  Robert Cohen

The author questions Monsanto’s data and the approval of RBHG (bovine growth hormone. He presents presents evidence of FDA cooperating with Monsanto. The scientist who reviewed the data had recently left Monsanto to go to the FDA. Evidence is presented which shows that cows treated with RBGH pass higher levels of hormones through their milk.

Born To Run:A hidden tribe, superathletes and the greatest race the world has never seen

From Frank DelBalso

Title:  Born To Run:A hidden tribe, superathletes and the greatest race the world has never seen

Author:  Chris McDougall

If you have been getting injured running with a heal strike, then this book is for you. Learn how why a forefoot strike is much better for you and why most sneakers are a waste of money. Learn about tribes in Mexico and Africa that can run down deer and antelope. They chase them for miles till the deer cant run anymore. Learn the secrets of the world’s best ultra runners.

Joggin’ Your Noggin

From Ginny Pisciotta
Author: Mary Randolph
Title: Joggin’ Your Noggin
Joggin’ Your Noggin is a book of word games designed for those in mild to moderate stages of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. These mind sharpening games will provide fun and entertainment, while aiding word recall. Completing these puzzles will give the Alzheimer’s or dementia patient a sense of pride and accomplishment. If done together with a caregiver, it will provide many opportunities for meaningful conversation and interaction. There are 3 volumes in this series.

Whole: Rethinking the Science Of Nutrition

From Frank DelBalso
Title:  Whole: Rethinking the Science Of Nutrition
Author:  T. Colin Campbell
Do you want to prevent  cancer? Do you want to reverse cancer? Do you want to slow down the aging process? Have you ever wondered about the food chain in United Sates? This book will show you the way. It  goes into government policy on nutrition. It presents on new paradigm on researching disease, It shows the roll of corporations, lobbyists, the media and medical non profits on nutrition and disease. Warning: This may spoil your next dinner and you will be asking yourself “Why oh why didn’t I take the blue pill?”