The Golden Cup

From  Michele Szydlo
Title:  The Golden Cup
Author:  Belva Plain
I was disappointed.  This book is part of a saga beginning with Evergreen, and I read it out of order, so perhaps that colored my opinion.  I finished reading it, but it was not a favorite of mine.  I didn’t feel as though the characters were fully rounded and I wasn’t in love with any of them.  I have no desire to read the other books in this saga.

Sarah’s Key

From Susan Martin
author: de Rosnay, Tatiana
Sarah’s Key
This is a very moving story about a part of World War II history which is unknown to many.  The Vel d’Hiv in France showed the part played by the French during this time.  Sarah and her family are arrested by the French police, and years later, another character and her family have become intertwined with Sarah’s past, which changes their future.

Sarah’s Key

From Gina Cortina
author: Rosnay, Tatiana de
 Sarah’s Key
I can honestly say this has become my new favorite book. I have always loved reading books about the holocaust. I find it amazing and shocking how Jews were treated. In this heart wrenching story, we see just how horrid the French police were during the ’round-up’ in 1942.  Sarah’s will make you cry, but her bravery will make you see just how determined she was too.

The Invisible Bridge

From Judy Schroback
author: Orringer, Julie
The Invisible Bridge
 This book takes place during World War 2 and follows the lives of several characters.  It specifically focuses on Hungary  and how badly damaged it was during the war.  This author does a great job getting us to feel the characters and their constant conflicts.  While trying to live somewhat normal lives in their beloved Hungary or partly in France, we are with them every step of the way.  The brutality to the Jews is also written with so much heart that you can only wish the outcomes were different.  I loved this book.

The Blood of Lorraine

From Rosemarie Jerome
author: Pope, Barbara Corrado
The Blood of Lorraine
It is France, 1894.  The Alfred Dreyfus trial is causing anger and unrest throughout the country.  Anti-Semitism is rampant.  A Christian baby is found mutilated.  Magistrate Bernard Martin must find the killer before the entire town riots.  When two Jews are killed, is he searching for a serial killer or two separate killers?  Are the cases linked or is a coincidence?  Martin is pressured by his superiors to quickly solve these cases.  He wants to solve them before more victims are discovered.  It is a race against time, as Martin unearths truths about himself and the racism that has been lurking below the surface in his community.  Tragedy strikes his family and brings Martin to the breaking point, as it slowly drives his wife insane.  It is an intriguing time period, with a main character that you could relate to.  The interaction between Martin and his sidekick, Inspector Jacquette, adds some comic relief to an otherwise grim historical mystery.

The demon’s parchment : a Crispin Guest medieval noir

From Rosemarie Jerome
author: Westerson, Jeri
 The demon’s parchment : a Crispin Guest medieval noir
Crispin Guest was a knight and a nobleman.  After being convicted of treason he lost everything.  Now he struggles to make a living as “The Tracker,” a man who will find anything or solve crimes for a price.  When approached by a Jewish physician to find stolen parchments, he reluctantly takes the job.  Are these parchments involved in the recent gruesome murders of young boys?  Were they used to bring forth a monster?  Who is behind this evil scheme?  This is based on the true events of a fifteenth century serial killer.  It is the third title in the series which includes “Veil of Lies” and “Serpent in the Thorns.” Can’t get enough of Crispin Guest?  Visit his blog at


From Nicole Marsh
author: Wiesel, Elie
Night, written by Elie Wiesel is an autobiographical account of his life during the Holocaust. The novel is a short read with easy to understand wording.  Wiesel gives a very vivid account of the heinous and unimaginable acts of cruelty committed by the Nazi’s.  It shows the dehumanization of a population and how easy it is to lose faith and to question God.  It made me feel physically sick when I read about the beatings, crematorium, Dr. Mengele’s medical practices, hangings, Death March and hunger.

Every person should read this novel as it is an important lesson to be learned….”we shall never forget.”  It is a lesson to future generations that we must be respectful and tolerant of all mankind and these events shall never occur again.

It Happened in Italy

From Charlene Muhr
author: Bettina, Elizabeth
It Happened in Italy
Elizabeth Bettina’s “It Happened in Italy” is an interesting narrative that emphasizes the acts of kindness and humanity amidst a time of great
sadness .Bettina discovers that Campagna, her grandparents small village in southern Italy, had an internment camp for Jews during the Holocaust.  These camps did not resemble the camps in Nazi Europe during World War II.  The book revealed how Italian camps kept families  together, healthy, and allowed Jews to practice Judaism.  Follow the author?s journey as she collects the stories of these survivors and their return to Italy.

Sarah’s Key

From Linda Lennon
author: de Rosney, Tatiana
Sarah’s Key
In 1942 thousands of Jews were rounded up in Paris and transported to Aushwitz.  On the 60th anniversary of the Vel d Hiv, Julia Jarmond is  asked to write an article for an American magazine about the event.  She discovers Sarah, a connection to her family and revelations about  herself. Great historical fiction!