Alibi Man

The Alibi Man

In this thriller by Tami Hoag, former undercover cop Elena Estes investigates the murder of her friend and co-worker Irena Markova. Elena discovers that in Irena’s attempt to snag a rich husband she got herself mixed up with some very wealthy and powerful, but corrupt Palm Beach men. Their group of men is called the Alibi Club because they always provide alibis for each other. This makes the investigation difficult because they were the last to see the victim alive. The plot gets complicated when we become aware that Elena was once engaged to Bennett Walker, the prime suspect and Alibi Club member. In addition, his attorney turns out to be Elena’s estranged father.

As we get to know Elena, a character Hoag introduced in Dark Horse, we find out she had been let down by the men in her past. She is angry, short-tempered and afraid of commitment. All in all, she’s not a very likable character, but she is a tough, smart and thorough investigator. Even though it is not hard to guess the murderer, it’s still interesting to see how Elena figures it out. For me, the pages turned quickly and the plot has enough suspense to keep me interested until the end.

Reviewer:  Carol Leifer