Summer Sisters

From  Margaret Mezzacapo

Title:  Summer Sisters

Author:  Judy Blume

Basic premise – rich (but flaky) girl with summer home on Martha’s Vineyard befriends poor (but smart) girl. They become best friends although teenage (and beyond) angst occaisionally ensues (can you believe that two girls could have a crush on the same boy?  Oh, the horrors!)  Good summer reading – not too demanding – transports you to a beach house setting.

The Man You’ll Marry

From  Elaine Pasquali

Title:  The Man You’ll Marry

Author:  Debbie Macomber

A “magical” wedding dress is the focus of the novel.  Family myth holds that whoever is in possession of the dress will marry the first man she sees.  Thus, the dress is passed on from aunt to niece to niece’s friend, and finally friend’s mother.  The reader witnesses the ensuing romances and romantic struggles.  A fast reading novel that could readily be adapted for a Hallmark Saturday night television show.  The Man You’ll Marry provides an enjoyable,  light change of pace and is analogous to palate cleansing sherbet enjoyed at the end of a heavy meal.

Very Valentine

From Terry DelBalso

Title:  Very Valentine 

Author:  Adriana Trigiani

This book takes you on a jouney from Greenwich Village to Italy and back as the main character Valentine Roncalli steps up to save the family business. Her grandmother is running a business that has been in the family sice 1903 which is failing finacially as the world of craftmanship gets phased out. Valentine finds strength she did not even know she had to bring it to the next level and while doing so she finds love where she least expected it.

Coming to My Senses

From Margaret Mezzacapo
Author: Pam Rice
Title: Coming to My Senses
This is a pleasant tale of a woman’s struggle to retain her beloved home and her independence in the face of a condition leading to blindness. This could be particularly interesting for anyone dealing with a physical challenge, either for themselves or an elderly parent.

Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman

From  Elaine Pasquali
Title:  Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman
Author:  Elizabeth Buchan
Rose (Rosie) and Nathan have been married for years, have raised two children, and have satisfying careers.  One day, Nathan announces that he is leaving Rose.  His paramour is Minty, Rose’s assistant.  By the end of the week, Rose has lost her husband and her job to Minty.  What ensues is Rose’s plummet into despair, followed by a gradual realization that she can and will survive. An engaging journey of a woman who learns to look beyond her roles of wife, mother, and employee and discover her submerged self.



From  Dawn Moore
Title:  Consequences
Author:  Aleathea Romig
This romantic/erotic Thriller walks along the line ala 50 Shades. A woman (Claire) is kidnapped and then mentally/physically tormented by a handsome man then.. falls in love with him? That woman worked on my last nerve. I honestly wanted to drop a gun into the pages of the book. WARNING: You will find yourself screaming at the pages of this book in public places because you are so infuriated. Maybe it’s me but I was relieved with the ending it was funky and you don\’t see it coming. (Unless you were yelling and dropping guns in the pages).  I can’t say I was happy with this book overall but nothing has gotten my angst up like that quite some time. Heck I am still pissed writing about it. #bookhangover. Maybe when I am finished being mad I’ll read part two.

Answered Prayers

From Terry DelBalso
Title:  Answered Prayers
Author:  Danielle Steel
The main character is a sophisticated New York woman, married to a successful investment banker. She stayed home to raise two beautiful daughters and be always ready to accompany her husband to any event as he climbed the ladder of success. With the nest now empty she has to step back and decide if it is time to back her own dreams and what price she is willing to pay for that.