Eggs in Purgatory

From  Elaine Pasquali

Title:  Eggs in Purgatory

Author:  Laura Childs

The Cackleberry Club is composed of three women who have been friends since high school.  Together they run the Cackleberry Café in Kindred.  Their small town life is suddenly disrupted by two murders.  The plot takes twists and turns that include arson, embezzlement and a  local religious cult.  How are these factors interrelated?  Are they interrelated?  While the book isn’t as intricate as a Mary Higgins Clark or Patricia Cornwell, it is engaging and hard to put down.  Definitely a recommended summer read.


As Husbands Go

From  Elaine Pasquali

Title:  As Husbands Go

Author:  Susan Isaacs 

Susan believes she has a near-perfect life: successful, loving surgeon husband; four year old triplets; a beautiful house and a satisfying career…until her husband is discovered murdered in a hooker’s apartment.  Susan won’t accept that her husband was unfaithful and investigates leads that will prove his fidelity and the innocence of the hooker.  Throw into this mix a colorful lesbian grandmother who abandoned Susan’s mother, has had several husbands and is now in a committed relationship with a considerably younger woman.  An absorbing novel set on Long Island.

Fatal enquiry

From Rosemarie Jerome

Author:  Will Thomas

Title:  Fatal enquiry

Private Agent Cyrus Barker is framed for murder and there is a reward for his capture.  With no funds, no solid leads in the case and everyone after him , he is forced to hide in the East End of Victorian London.  His assistant, Thomas Llewelyn,  must find the evidence to prove that Barker is innocent but the culprit is after him at every turn.  This sixth book in the series is a departure from the usual;  it is Llewelyn’s case with Barker lurking in the shadows.  I enjoyed the book but I missed the interaction between the two characters.  It did provide the reader with an opportunity to learn more about Barker\’s mysterious past.  Though the identity of the culprit is not a mystery, the chase, some surprises and the hunt for the truth creates a suspenseful adventure.  The cliffhangers hint at possibilities for their future exploits.

Gold Web

From  Francine Schwarz

Title:  Gold Web

 Author:  Vicki Delany

This book is one of s series of life during the gold rich near the US/Canadian border.  I really liked the way the author includes historical facts in her story.  I will be going back and re adding older books from this series.  I also plan on reading the historical books she used as reference.  A good read and I love that the main character is a female.

Yarn Over Murder

From Francine Schwarz

Title:  Yarn Over Murder

Author:  Maggie Sefton

While Sefton was finishing her prior book wild fires broke out in the forests near her home.  She modified the end of that book to reflect the event  The new book begins with the fires and contains many real facts about the fires while the characters try to solve a murder.  Great summer reading.


From Terry DelBalso

Title:  Loverboy

Author:  R.G. Belsky

A real thriller featuring a female reporter with a mess of a life trying to survive after numerous failed marriages, an alcohol addiction and the main character of all of her front-page stories trying to kill her. She faces ups and downs, twists and turns, a number of near-death experiences and more, all while trying to find peace within herself and a better life without the pain she’s felt for more than a decade from guilt and regrets.

To Have and to Kill

From Elaine Pasquali

Title:  To Have and to Kill

Author:  Mary Jane Clark

Piper Donovan, an out-of-work soap opera star and occasional pastry decorator in her mother’s baker, is cast in the role of wedding cake baker for her friend, Glenna’s, wedding.  Glenna begins to receive threatening letters about her impending wedding.  The letters are quickly followed by two murders and an attempted murder.  There is no absence of suspects, including Glenna’s fiancé, Casey.  This is a engaging, well written mystery