Accidents of Providence

From Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  Stacia M Brown
Accidents of Providence
Rachel Lockyer is on trial for murdering her illegitimate infant. In 1649 England, if convicted, the sentence is death.  The investigator, Thomas Bartwain, who charged her with murder, is questioning the legal process. Rachel is not speaking in her own defense and the young prosecutor wants to make an example of her in this very public trial.  This is a story of forbidden love, guilt and innocence, and the peculiarities and brutality of the 17th century legal system.

Accidents of providence

From  Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  Stacia M Brown
Accidents of providence
Rachel Lockyer is on trial for murdering her illegitimate infant.  In 1649 England, if convicted the sentence is death.  The investigator, Thomas Bartwain, who charged her with murder, is questioning the legal process. Rachel is not speaking in her own defense. The young prosecutor wants to make an example of her in this very public trial.  This is a story of forbidden love, guilt and innocence, and the peculiarities and brutality of the 17th century legal system.

The rogue : searching for the real Sarah Palin

From Jackie  Cantwell
Author:  Joe  McGinniss
The rogue : searching for the real Sarah Palin 
One word to describe this book is: juicy!  If you’re a fan of Sarah Palin, you’ll consider this book a hatchet job.  If you’re not a fan, you’ll devour every word.  One thing is certain: Sarah made many enemies along the way, many of whom were willing to talk to the author. There are many revelations. She does not cook or clean, and her children essentially raised themselves.  Any parental supervision they received was by Todd, her husband. She and Todd fight and threaten divorce all the time. She rarely eats, instead surviving on caffeinated drinks. She has serious mood swings. She can’t keep to a schedule and has never had a legislative agenda, except to mix religion with government.  She viewed the  governorship as a P.T. job, going in at 10 AM and leaving by 3 or 4 PM. She would go straight to bed when she came home, and didn’t want to be  disturbed. She’s obsessed with shopping and reading People magazine. A strength she possesses is that she is good at meet-and-greet events during campaigns. She fought to get her former brother-in-law fired as a state trooper, because he was divorcing her sister. She fired all of the people of color after she was elected governor.  John Bitney, her legislative director, was quoted as saying “She just isn’t comfortable in the presence of dark-skinned people.” Mr. McGinniss rented the house next door to the Palins as he was researching the book. Fox News jumped onto Palin’s claim that McGinniss was peering into Piper’s bedroom from his balcony. He used the balcony to make cell phone calls & to look at the lake. It wasn’t possible to peep into Piper’s bedroom from his home. A “Cast of characters” and an index would have been helpful.

Palinisms : the accidental wit and wisdom of Sarah Palin

From Jackie Cantwell
Author:  Jacob Weisberg
Palinisms : the accidental wit and wisdom of Sarah Palin 
According to the author’s very humorous introduction, Palinisms occur when Palin expresses one of her views about God, Alaska, oil drilling, or the political establishment in her idiosyncratically involuted syntax.  According to Weisberg, Palin’s exuberant incoherence testifies to an unusually wide gulf between confidence and ability. She is proud of what she doesn’t know and contemptuous of those “experts” and “elitists” who are too knowledgeable to be trusted.  Here are some of my favorites. When asked by Katie Couric which newspapers she reads, Sarah replied, “All of ’em, any of ’em that have been in front of me over all these years.” And this is Sarah speaking at a town hall meeting in  Michigan, “Oil and coal? Of course, it’s a fungible commodity and they don’t flag, you know, the molecules, where it’s going and where it’s  not.”  And Sarah explains her foreign policy experience to Katie Couric, “As Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States of America, where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s just right over the border.”  This book is a lot of fun and at just 96 pages, it can be read in one sitting.

The Kill Artist

From Hannah Columbo
author: Silva, Daniel
The Kill Artist
In this  first book of the Gabriel Allon series, Gabriel, a former assassin for Israel’s foreign intelligence service, the Mossad  retired after the murders of his wife and son to lead a quiet life as an art restorer, one who fixes the wounded past. Gabriel’s ex-boss, Ari Shamron, an Israeli spymaster,convinces Gabriel to leave his sheltered hermitage to hunt down Tariq, the assassin who killed Gabriel’s family.Silva explores the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from many, many angles.

The Good Wife

From Elaine Pasquali
author: Buchan, Elizabeth
The Good Wife
The title of this book caught my eye because of its similarity to the title of the popular TV program, The Good Wife.  The similarities continues with the main characters: a career politician and straying husband (Will) and a wife (Fanny) who sacrifices her own passions and career to the demands of being a “good” wife and mother.  Further complicating Fanny’s life are her ambivalent feelings about her live-in alcoholic sister-in-law.  When Fanny’s father dies and her daughter leaves the nest, Fanny sets off on a journey of self-exploration and personal fulfillment.  Set in England and Italy, this book flows easily and seamlessly as it navigates themes of imperfect marriage, family dynamics, and midlife crisis.

The art of the steal [videorecording]

From Chris Garland
The art of the steal [videorecording]
The documentary film; “The Art of the Steal;” tells the story of the multi-billion dollar Barnes art collection. In 1922 Dr. Albert Barnes established an educational institution around his priceless art in suburban Philadelphia. In his will he directed that his foundation should always be an educational institution and that the artworks should not be moved. Over the last fifty years there has been an ongoing battle over the fate of his treasure. Do the Philadelphia politicians and cultural power elite get their way or will the terms of Dr. Barnes’ will be honored?

Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto

From Robert Citrano
author: Levin, Mark R.
Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto
I found this book to be inspirational in that it reinforces the basic principles that our great country were founded upon; less government influence and less encroachment on our civil liberties. It reinforces the fear proclaimed by President Gerald Ford in the 1970’s that “a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.” Being a conservative, this book is a reminder why our great country is the envy of the rest of the world, and why we should stand proud with patriotism.

Conspirata : a novel of ancient Rome

From Rita Gross
author:  Harris, Robert
Conspirata : a novel of ancient Rome
This is the second installment of a trilogy about the last days of the Roman Republic.  Imperium, the first volume, depicts Cicero’s rise to power in the Senate.   Conspirata picks up the story as Cicero is serving his term as Consul.  Both books are narrated by Tiro, who is Cicero’s slave and private secretary. Tiro is credited with the invention of short hand, writing Cicero’s biography and is an eyewitness to all that unfolds.

The year of Cicero’s Consulate is plagued by treachery.  Enemies plotting against the Republic and Cicero’s life proliferate.  The political maneuverings are full of twists and turns and could serve as a textbook for political intrigue.  This is a gripping page turner.  I highly recommend both of these books to anyone who enjoys a thrilling read.

The centurion’s wife

From Ginny Pisciotta
author: Bunn, Davis
The centurion’s wife
If you like biblical fiction you should enjoy this book.  Experience the drama of the earliest days of Christianity through the eyes of Leah and Alban. Although born to wealth and power, Leah is now working as a servant in the household of her uncle, Pontius Pilate. She is dreading an arranged betrothal to Alban, an ambitious centurion who is sent by Pilate to find out what happened to the body of Jesus, and whether the disciples were planning a revolt against Rome.  Procula, Pilate’s wife, sends Leah on a similar mission.  Revisit familiar biblical characters, and meet new fictional ones in this novel filled with danger, intrigue, romance and life-changing faith.