Not My Boy! a Father, a Son, and One Family’s Journey with Autism

From Lola Ferris
author: Peete, Rodney
Not My Boy! a Father, a Son, and One Family’s Journey with Autism
Imagine being an NFL star quarterback and discovering that your son, at three, has developed autism. When R.J. was born, Rodney Peete had dreams of tossing a football with his son. Instead, the anger, denial and pain he experienced on hearing the diagnosis took its toll on his relationships with his other children and almost collapsed his marriage.

Today, eight years later, R.J. has come from a child who couldn’t “look his father in the eye” to a lively, healthy youngster who plays soccer. The journey the Peetes took to bring him to this point included changed expectations, determination, patience, a roster of professionals and parents like themselves. Peete describes in intimate, simple, honest language the painful trip he and Holly, his wife took, how he changed from a macho, tough guy to a father able to give his child unconditional love. This is a must-read for any parent who is going through a similar experience, or anyone who wants to read a book about the way love of a child can lead a parent to learn how to be a strong yet devoted father.

Trick or treatment : the undeniable facts about alternative medicine

From Lola Ferris
author: Singh, Simon &  Ernst
Trick or treatment : the undeniable facts about alternative medicine
If you are considering treatment with unconventional techniques please read this book before you make a phone call to a specialist in such methods. A medical journalist (Singh) and a medical doctor (Ernst) set out to discover the truth about the lotions, potions, pills and pummeling that make up the world of alternative medicine. They were determined to be objective, to investigate clinical trials, and any scientific evidence that might support claims that alternative medicine works. What did they come up with? Very little evidence that the scientific method was used to evaluate such treatment. Claims of specialists in this field were found to be anecdotal in most cases, and a placebo effect in others, with very little true scientific investigation ever taking place.

Using many fascinating historical case studies, they ask what works, which
claims are the truth, who is ripping you off, who can you trust, which cures have some merit and which can be harmful. Written in a lively, reasoned style, this book is a must for anyone thinking of using alternative therapy, although if you’ve already spent time and money and are a true believer, reading this book will only result in a headache.

The Boy Who Loved Tornadoes: A Mother’s Story

From Lola Ferris
author: Davenport, Randi
The Boy Who Loved Tornadoes: A Mother’s Story
This is the poignant story of a mother’s fight to get her son, Chase, diagnosed and treated for a disease that is variously described as ADHD, autism and finally,in his teens, full-blown psychosis. Davenport tells the story of visits to doctors, each with different diagnoses: Chase’s problem doesn’t fit into any niche, making the search for help even more frustrating.

As he enters his teens, Chase becomes paranoid, violent and suicidal, and insurers cut off his health insurance, since there is no name for his disease. This forces Davenport to send him to a state mental hospital, where he is drugged into a vegetative state. She finally finds a small
facility, devoted to young men with developmental disabilities, though we are never sure this is the end of her painful journey. We are drawn into the world of Davenport, an academic and a writer, as she describes the pain of a fiercely devoted mother held hostage to forces beyond her understanding or control. Her story is straightforward, honest and gripping.

The Scientific American day in the life of your brain

From Lola Ferris
author: Horstman, Judith
The Scientific American day in the life of your brain

Did you know that your brain is on a 24 hour schedule, allowing you to
make decisions,get hungry, or be more likely to lose your temper at
certain times of the day? Your blood and seritonim levels change as the
daily cycle goes on.
Judith Horstman, a science journalist for Scientific American, gives
us a fascinating look at this important organ,giving us an idea of why
some people are crabby in the morning, experience stress at work and why,
at 9:PM we slowly start to unwind.
In lively, humorous prose she lets us into this secret world, telling
us why multitasking is dangerous for our health and how meditation may
delay aging.
I recommend this book for a novel look inside our brains from a point
of view we may never have explored.

Eat This Not That: A Restaurant Survival Guide. The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution

from Lola Ferris
author: Zinczenko, David
Eat This Not That: A Restaurant Survival Guide. The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution
Athough this book is supposedly a diet book, anyone who wants to eat
nutritionally will be amazed by the facts it contains about chain
restaurants and the nutrients in their food.
For instance, if you’re eating at Applebees, you can get a salad or steak
and grilled shrimp. You opt for the salad because it’s low-fat and
nutritious? Think again. The grilled shrimp and spinach salad has 1,040
calories whereas the steak and grilled shrimp is only 390.
Watching your salt?  The sodium content in almost all of the dishes
mentioned is out of sight. Quiznos has a prime rib and Peppercorn sub with
2,570 mg of sodium. Even the healthy dishes in most of these restaurants
generally contain over 1,000mg of salt.
“Eat This Not” is a compact, colorful look at the world of eating out
that may change your  choices.

Menopause matters : your guide to a long and healthy life

From Lola Ferris
author: Schlam Edelman, Julia
Menopause matters : your guide to a long and healthy life
If you are confused by the many contradictory and misleading sound
bites about women’s health, you will find this book a refreshing change.
Dr. Edelman is a specialist in menopause, and her advice is a welcome alternative.
Her book, based on respected research studies, covers the full
spectrum of topics important to perimenopausal and postmenopausal women: hot flashes, vaginal dryness, memory loss, mood changes, depression and hormone replacement therapy, among other issues.
“Menopause Matters” provides clear explanations of anatomy and
includes prevention strategies for lowering the risks of osteoporosis and cancer. It helps empower you to become active in your own health decisions, together with your doctor.
Reading this book will put you on the road to a happier, healthier