Eggs in Purgatory

From  Elaine Pasquali

Title:  Eggs in Purgatory

Author:  Laura Childs

The Cackleberry Club is composed of three women who have been friends since high school.  Together they run the Cackleberry Café in Kindred.  Their small town life is suddenly disrupted by two murders.  The plot takes twists and turns that include arson, embezzlement and a  local religious cult.  How are these factors interrelated?  Are they interrelated?  While the book isn’t as intricate as a Mary Higgins Clark or Patricia Cornwell, it is engaging and hard to put down.  Definitely a recommended summer read.


The Kite Runner

From Alexus  Haddad

Title:  The Kite Runner

 Author:  Khaled Hosseini

 This book tells of the hard life and history in Afghanistan. Amir is a wealthy Pashtun boy who has two servants, a father and son. The servant\’s son is named Hassan, and is a Hazara. There is ethnic diversity in Afghanistan. Those who are Hazaras are usually treated unfairly. Amir and his father escape Afghanistan and migrated to the US, where they made a new life there. Amir learns the hardships of life. Amir soon finds out, after his father’s death, that Hassan was really his brother and that his son, Sohrab is in Afghanistan, where the Taliban has conquered the government. Amir ends up saving Sohrab. The story ends in a full circle, where Amir is flying a kite, like he used to with Hassan in their youth, during an Afghan tradition.

Summer Sisters

From  Margaret Mezzacapo

Title:  Summer Sisters

Author:  Judy Blume

Basic premise – rich (but flaky) girl with summer home on Martha’s Vineyard befriends poor (but smart) girl. They become best friends although teenage (and beyond) angst occaisionally ensues (can you believe that two girls could have a crush on the same boy?  Oh, the horrors!)  Good summer reading – not too demanding – transports you to a beach house setting.

How to meet boys

From Vendula Schonfeldova
Title:  How to meet boys
Author:  Catherine Clark
Three best friends (the third one came along in the middle of the story, coming from Chicago) went for a summer break to Bridgeport, where grandparents of the girl Lucy lived there. Lucy worked with a boy from the long past in a story, Mikayla, the second girl worked in a club and fell for a coworker of Lucy and made a little drama while Lucy didn’t feel good around this boy. All ended up great. Girls found their boyfriends and enjoyed the summer. Happy Ending.