John Sutter is Back!

And he is his usual wisecracking self in Nelson DeMille’s The Gate House . This sequel to The Gold Coast takes place 10 years after John’s departure from Long Island. He returns to the whirlwind of his ex-wife, ex-inlaws, his less than loving mother, vengeful Mob bosses, an unforgiving elite community, non-stop alcohol consumption and his own uncertain future. Sutter’s internal dialogues are hilarious and his frenzy of activity takes you on a wild ride.

The Brain, human and otherwise

I’m in the middle of  Human: the science behind what makes us unique, by Michael Gazzaniga.  What I like most about it are the insights into how the things we think are so human are really just reflexes that have evolved from our chimp ancestors.  Right now he’s discussing morality.  There’s more later, but so far it’s all chemistry and biology.  When I couple these ideas with my work of weeding the religion collection at the library it makes an interesting contrast in my (human) mind.  Lots to think about, and I can’t wait to get deeper into the book.

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Sex, sass and the supernatural, what more could you want? This southern blend of mystery and humor has it all. The body count rises, and so does our temperatures, as the hunky vampires and Others come to town. The HBO series, “True Blood,” is based on these Sookie Stackhouse mystery novels: Dead Until Dark; Living Dead in Dallas; Club Dead; Dead to the World; Dead as a Doornail; Definitely Dead; All Together Dead; From Dead to Worse and (in May 2009) Dead and Gone. The series is quirky and fun and oh so naughty.
Can’t get enough vampires…try The Vampire Shrink and Dark Harvest by Linda Hilburn. Living on the edge takes on a whole new meaning, when your clients are vampires.