The art of the steal [videorecording]

From Chris Garland
The art of the steal [videorecording]
The documentary film; “The Art of the Steal;” tells the story of the multi-billion dollar Barnes art collection. In 1922 Dr. Albert Barnes established an educational institution around his priceless art in suburban Philadelphia. In his will he directed that his foundation should always be an educational institution and that the artworks should not be moved. Over the last fifty years there has been an ongoing battle over the fate of his treasure. Do the Philadelphia politicians and cultural power elite get their way or will the terms of Dr. Barnes’ will be honored?


From Chris Garland
titl: Millions [videorecording]
Millions is an uplifting tale about a nine year old boy whose mother has died and is moving with his father and brother to a new home and a new school. Damian is fascinated by the saints, who inspire him to do good deeds.

One day, the heavens provide him with an endless supply of money, which leads him on a complex adventure on which he will learn what money means to different people and what is really important in life.

Alex Etlel turns in a memorable performance as young Damien under the direction of Academy Award winning Danny Boyle.

The Inheritance

From Chris Garland
The Inheritance
A tense drama from Danish director Per Fly, The Inheritance is the story of a man transformed by power. Christoffer, heir to a vast industrial fortune, has given up the stressful family business for a peaceful life with his actress wife in Stockholm. When his father commits suicide, Christoffer must return to Denmark and confront a situation he wants no part of. He finds the family steel business on the verge of collapse and his mother insisting he assume control. Thus begins Christoffer’s struggle to balance what he really wants in life with what he has to do. This conflict will bring him to the breaking point.

The Cove

From Chris Garland
The Cove (DVD)
Part espionage, part environmental thriller, The Cove is the
documentary record of   Ric O’Barry’s quest to stop the slaughter of
dolphins in a remote cove in Japan.  O’Barry (a former dolphin trainer on
the show Flipper) is seeking redemption for his part in creating the
concept of captive dolphins as entertainment in aquariums around the
world.  Through his work with dolphins, he realized that these deeply
sensitive, highly intelligent and self aware creatures must not be
subjected to captivity, nor be slaughtered for school lunch programs.

Aside from the obvious humanitarian reasons, dolphin meat is high in
mercury and detrimental to the health of young school children.  He has
made it his life’s work to stop this practice.  O’Barry is joined by
filmmaker Louie Psihoyos and the Ocean Preservation Society in a
clandestine mission to expose the truth about the secret doings at the
remote hidden cove.


from Chris Garland
Departures, Winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film 2008
‘Departures’ is a deeply moving film about death, a subject we don’t
like to confront,  but this film does it with grace, dignity, humility and
beauty.  It is about saying goodbye to loved ones for the last time and
thereby evoking the value of life.  How do we honor those who have passed?
How do we confront our own lives and the act of living?  ‘Departures ‘ is
the story of a young man’s spiritual journey as he is faces death every
day in his work.  It is through this that that he begins to understand the
joy and value of life.  All of us have been touched by the loss of someone
we love and this film honors and celebrates those feelings.