Fat Vampire

From Luke, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Rex, Adam
Once in a while a person finds a captivating book that keeps your attention and makes you read more. Such a book to me was “Fat Vampire” by Adam Rex. One could take it as a young adult vampire novel, or it could also be seen as a spoof of vampire novels. No matter how you look at this book it is a good read and should be given a chance by everyone.

 Doug Lee is a fat, ugly, comic book and video game obsessed teenager. And he is also a vampire. Doug has no one to go to to learn how to be a vampire, so he tries teaching himself. He does many crazy things such as drinking cow’s blood, trying to sneak into the panda cage at the San Diego zoo and drink panda blood and even stealing blood from a blood donation vehicle at comic-con. Most of these tend to have disastrous endings. He is very unpopular at school and has only one good friend, Jay, until the foreign exchange student, Sejal, came to the U.S. He develops a crush for her and becomes friends with her and the drama club people she hangs out with. Then he gets a mysterious letter from a man in the sewer. He invites them to go to Signora Polidori’s house for tea. Signora Polidori is also a vampire. While at her house Doug, and 2 other vampires, get assigned to older vampires so that they can be taught the ways of their kind. The rest of the story  focuses on Doug and his life as a high school vampire.

 Full of surprises and twists “Fat Vampire” was a good book. On a scale of 1-10 I would give this book about a 7. This would be an ideal book for you to read if you like the Twilight saga or vampire books. It’s not too long and can be read in a short amount of time. If you’re looking for a quick read between novels, this is the perfect book to get.

Nightlight : a parody

From Loudmila, Teen Book Reviewer
author:  The Harvard Lampoon
Nightlight : a parody
I know that many of you are aware of the Twilight series. Stephenie Meyer
really can capture someone within her writing. The Harvard Lampoon’s
Nightlight A Parody was trying to have the same purpose. In my personal opinion, after reading the Twilight series, Nightlight just doesn’t seem right. It seems as if the writers were truthfully, trying too hard to make a funny book; make the characters and plot more of something not expected after reading Twilight.

At first, it seemed as if this would be a good book. Reviewers said that
this book had been hilarious. To me, the book wasn’t really funny at all, it was just a bore. I’m not trying to bag on the authors of this book because they did do a fine job trying to make this an entertaining story, but when their ‘funny’ parts were revealed, I felt as if they could’ve done better.

The cover and idea was great, though. In Twilight, the cover was an
extremely pale person holding onto an apple. The cover of Nightlight on the other hand was that same pale person’s hand holding an apple, but the apple had been eaten to its core. I thought that was a funny way to make a cover. The characters were similar: Edwart Mullen and Belle Goose. There were just a few changes. It was very unexpected, though. In a way, it is close to Twilight, but it was more for those people who didn’t enjoy the actual series. Being a fan of the Twilight saga, I didn’t really enjoy this book so I don’t recommend it for other fans.