Still Dirty

From Dawn Moore
Title:  Still Dirty
Author:  Vickie Stringer
Raven Gomez (Red) in this 2nd installment of the ‘Urban’ series is back to her old tricks. Lying to men and and her friends to get what she wants. Fresh after almost being murdered by her boyfriend that she double crossed while he was in prison, she thinks all is forgiven until he tracks her down with her new romantic interest and it doesn’t end well. She still has tricks up her sleeve as there is a part three! Great quick read I knocked out waiting on a delayed flight.

Sharp Objects

From Suzanne Boglioli
Title:  Sharp Objects
Author:  Gillian Flynn
Sharp Objects is an exciting and fast-paced murder mystery.  Camille Preaker is a Chicago journalist sent to her hometown in rural Missouri to cover the murders of two young girls.  She befriends the lead investigator, and together they solve the mystery.  I read Gillian Flynn’s other popular books- Gone Girl and Dark Places, which were both excellent.  However, I liked Sharp Objects the best, and I’m looking forward to her next published work.

Under the Banner of Heaven

From Margaret Mezzacapo
Title:  Under the Banner of Heaven
Author:  Jon Krakauer
Another well-written, highly researched book from the author of “Into Thin Air”.  It’s the true story of the murders of a young woman and her baby daughter in Utah.  The book traces the origin and development of the Mormon faith, and shows the roots of the culture in which the murders occured.  Interesting, thought-provoking, and recommended.

Bookmarked for Death

From  Michele Szydlo
Title:  Bookmarked for Death
Author:  Lorna Barrett
This is part of the Booktown Mystery series.  It’s my 1st one and I found it an easy read & enjoyable.  Good but not great.  The setting is a small town in NH, with interesting characters.  I also liked that recipes were included at the end that were all referenced in the book.  Unfortunately none of them are any that I would actually make since I’ve revamped my eating habits.

Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman

From  Elaine Pasquali
Title:  Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman
Author:  Elizabeth Buchan
Rose (Rosie) and Nathan have been married for years, have raised two children, and have satisfying careers.  One day, Nathan announces that he is leaving Rose.  His paramour is Minty, Rose’s assistant.  By the end of the week, Rose has lost her husband and her job to Minty.  What ensues is Rose’s plummet into despair, followed by a gradual realization that she can and will survive. An engaging journey of a woman who learns to look beyond her roles of wife, mother, and employee and discover her submerged self.



From  Dawn Moore
Title:  Consequences
Author:  Aleathea Romig
This romantic/erotic Thriller walks along the line ala 50 Shades. A woman (Claire) is kidnapped and then mentally/physically tormented by a handsome man then.. falls in love with him? That woman worked on my last nerve. I honestly wanted to drop a gun into the pages of the book. WARNING: You will find yourself screaming at the pages of this book in public places because you are so infuriated. Maybe it’s me but I was relieved with the ending it was funky and you don\’t see it coming. (Unless you were yelling and dropping guns in the pages).  I can’t say I was happy with this book overall but nothing has gotten my angst up like that quite some time. Heck I am still pissed writing about it. #bookhangover. Maybe when I am finished being mad I’ll read part two.

not me

From adele gresser
Title:  not me
Author:  michael lavigne
two men are the active characters in this book,  father and son.  the father is in the hospital dying and tells his son, Michael to read a journal that the father had written  about his past life and not to judge him.  the father was german and became a bookkeeper of items stolen from the jews in Germany.  he was a lieutenant in the german army during world war 2. his job was called bookkeeping and he kept the records of all the things taken from the jews before they were murdered.  somehow he took a deceased jewish man,s identity with the idea when the time came he would get asylum when he told his captors that he was not a jew.  he was shipped to Israel where he was indoctrinated as a member of the survivors.  he even marked his arm with a number from the concentration camp he worked at.  he became a lieutenant in the palmach and was sent on missions where he eventually was shot and was recuperating in an arab hospital.  in the meantime he became infatuated with another isreali soldier, a woman.  they make a baby who dies when an explosive is detonated…mother and child dies.  the journal tells his son Michael about the father’s past.  it is unbelievable to “mikey” as his father called him.  he is torn between loving his father an admitted german per his journals and the upbringing of being jewish.  the book is sad because what happens to the relationship and the distorted history.  it was upsetting and yet engrossing.