From Gina Scaglione
Title: Crossed
Author: Ally Condie
This is the second book in the Matched trilogy by Ally Condie. The action just keeps intensifying! So, they have finally broken out of the society, but now what? They are left completely on their own with absolutely no resources. Will they be able to learn how to care for themselves? You will have to read Reached to find out how this amazing trilogy ends:)


From geeta devjani
Title:  Mockingjay
Author:  Suzanne Collins
The last book of the Hunger games. I thought this book was not the greatest. It had some parts that were exciting, but then it felt like the author was just trying to find a way to end it and not a great ending at that 😦

The Hunger Games

From Rebecca Segers
author: Collins, Suzanne
The Hunger Games
This popular YA novel that has captured the imagination of American teens and is soon to be a movie, is a well-paced post-apocalyptic tale of a state-imposed battle between teenagers drawn by lottery from each of the 12 Districts of Panem, which once was America, and is now a tyrannical oligarchy.  The Capitol is in central Colorado and each District (known only numerically) is surrounded by fences that are guarded by “Peacekeepers” and forced to do the labor of the country under duress.  At the beginning of the story, we meet Katniss, a young girl from District 12, a poor coal mining area in what once was Appalachia.  She and her friend Gale crawl under the fence to illegally hunt for game and pick wild greens and herbs to support what little they have on their family tables.  Through a series of circumstances, Katniss is chosen, along with Peeta, to be the two “tributes,” one female, one male from her district, in the wild and bloody battle that is the Hunger Games, a live televised fight to the death between the 24 contestants from each district, leaving only one Victor.  The Games not only provide entertainment, but also exude the power of the Capitol, and remind the districts that they can and will kill any dissenters.  The story is fast-paced and engaging, providing action and a love-triangle, as well as setting up the next novel in the trilogy: Catching Fire.

Warm Bodies

From Rosemarie Jerome
author: Marion, Isaac
Warm Bodies
Whether caused by a plague or a curse, zombies roam the earth.  Humans build their outposts. And the two groups are at war.  R is a zombie and this is his story.  Yes he hunts humans, shuffles around aimlessly, stands like a statue for hours and randomly falls into deep sleeps but he is also different.  There is a spark of awareness in him that makes him question, doubt and dream.  One day Julie, a human, enters his life and he instinctively must protect her at all cost.  Changes occur gradually, she becomes his world and it is a world where anything is possible.  This post-apocalyptic story has you cheering for the most unlikely hero.  His innocent charm makes you forget that he is a monster, or is he?  It is compelling and thought provoking which gets you through the gore.

Wild Fire

From Roberta Berrios
author: DeMille, Nelson
 Wild Fire
Wild Fire-a right wing plot to end the threat of Middle East terrorism, a premise of unfathomable proportions-powerful Americans detonating nuclear bombs in two large American cities to begin a world war. DeMille’s previous protagonist, Detective John Corey, now on the government’s anti-terrorism task force, returns to the scene to foil this plan.  Although the thought of a simpler life at all costs might appeal to many, the high body count of unwarranted human destruction motivates Corey and his FBI agent wife to stop even the most high profile of political players. DeMille keeps the twists and turns coming from beginning to end in this thriller. The plausibility of this diabolical scheme is frightening!

Going Bovine

From Rosalia Millan
author: Bray, Libba
Going Bovine
Cameron Smith is a sixteen year old focused on being a slacker, and doing as little as possible.  There is nothing really wrong with his home life, he just feels overlooked and has decided to exploit that for all it’s worth. Everything changes when he contracts Creutzfeldt-Jacob or “Mad Cow” Disease and Dulcie, a punk rock angel, tells him that if he finds Dr.X he can be cured and he can save the world.

This book has a really great road trip adventure story that focuses on the importance of living life, without being overly heavy and trying to beat the reader over the head with a message.  The author makes sure that Cameron gets a chance to experience everything, the good and the bad, without dwelling on Cameron’s disease. The adventure that Cameron and Gonzo go on is all about parallel dimensions and possible time travel, but the reader isn’t bombarded with a bunch of technical science terminology so that even those that are not really into science fiction can enjoy this work.  I completely understand why this book was selected as this year’s Printz Award winner.  It’s an entertaining adventure story with a lot of depth to it.