Don’t Look Down

From Elaine Pasquali

Title:  Don’t Look Down

Author:  Jennifer Crusie  and Bob Mayer

A difficult book to get into.  In the first dozen pages, twelve characters, give or take a few, were introduced.  In addition, characters were alternately referred to by their first names, their surnames, and/or their nicknames.   I was unwilling to plow through the ensuing confusion and discover the nature of the plot.  It’s unusual for me to give up on a book, but that’s exactly what I did with Don’t Look Down.


Cold Days: A Novel of the Dresden Files

From Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  Jim Butcher
Cold Days:  A Novel of the Dresden Files
This is the 14th title in the series.  Harry is back and he is now the Winter Knight to Mab the Queen of Air and Darkness.  As the Winter Knight, he must do her bidding, so when she orders him to kill an immortal, her daughter Maeve, he sets out on his mission.  But in true Dresden fashion, following orders does not come easy so he gets involved in other pursuits.  He discovers a plot to destroy humanity which he must stop.  So he must save the world, kill an immortal and come to terms with his destiny all before Halloween night ends, no problem.  It wouldn’t be Harry if he didn’t multi-task. You’ve got to love the messes that he gets himself into, glad he’s back!

Sizzling Sixteen (Stephanie Plum Series #16)

From Margie Hartough
author: Evanowich, Janet
Sizzling Sixteen (Stephanie Plum Series #16)
Summer is a great time to visit cool friends,   Stephanie, Lula, Connie, Grandma Mazur, Ranger, Morelli and they’re back with another adventure.  Cousin Vinny has gone missing and owes a lot of money for gambling debt. If Vinny goes down so does the bond agency and Stephanie has to do whatever it takes to save it, even listening to Lula’s crazy plans. Also Stephanie has  inherited a lucky bottle from Uncle Pip, which is supposed to bring luck.  Good luck or back luck no one knows! And the off again on again romance with Morelli is off, but Ranger is on this summer.  It’s just all fun!

Nightlight : a parody

From Loudmila, Teen Book Reviewer
author:  The Harvard Lampoon
Nightlight : a parody
I know that many of you are aware of the Twilight series. Stephenie Meyer
really can capture someone within her writing. The Harvard Lampoon’s
Nightlight A Parody was trying to have the same purpose. In my personal opinion, after reading the Twilight series, Nightlight just doesn’t seem right. It seems as if the writers were truthfully, trying too hard to make a funny book; make the characters and plot more of something not expected after reading Twilight.

At first, it seemed as if this would be a good book. Reviewers said that
this book had been hilarious. To me, the book wasn’t really funny at all, it was just a bore. I’m not trying to bag on the authors of this book because they did do a fine job trying to make this an entertaining story, but when their ‘funny’ parts were revealed, I felt as if they could’ve done better.

The cover and idea was great, though. In Twilight, the cover was an
extremely pale person holding onto an apple. The cover of Nightlight on the other hand was that same pale person’s hand holding an apple, but the apple had been eaten to its core. I thought that was a funny way to make a cover. The characters were similar: Edwart Mullen and Belle Goose. There were just a few changes. It was very unexpected, though. In a way, it is close to Twilight, but it was more for those people who didn’t enjoy the actual series. Being a fan of the Twilight saga, I didn’t really enjoy this book so I don’t recommend it for other fans.

The Black Hand

from Rosemarie Jerome
author: Will Thomas
The Black Hand
This is the fifth book in the Barker & Llewelyn series which includes:  Some Danger Involved, To Kingdom Come, The Limehouse Text, and The Hellfire Conspiracy.  Set in Victorian London, the series contains all the elements for an enjoyable read; it has action, romance, humor, intrigue and quirky characters that you just love reading about.  Each book deals with a different ethnic group, so you discover a part of London society that is not often covered in historical thrillers.  Thomas Llewelyn gains more shocking insights about his elusive employer with each book, so that adds to the fun.  The Black Hand takes you into the mirky world of the Mafia.  Baker & Llewelyn, who are private enquiry agents, are asked to assist the Thames Police with their murder investigation.  When it is discovered that each victim received a cryptic Black Hand message prior to their death, the Mafia becomes a suspect and our heroes become a target.

Chelsea Chelsea bang bang

Chelsea Chelsea bang bang

From Jackie Cantwell
author: Handler, Chelsea

Warning: contains scatological humor, sex/drug references, adult situations, cursing, etc. It is also laugh-out-loud funny.  Skip the first two chapters: she covered similar ground in previous books (including trying to get a Cabbage Patch doll). There’s a practical joke involving a supposed dead dog and her boyfriend, Ted.  There are also vacations on Martha’s Vineyard with her siblings in her father’s filthy house and on Turks/Caicos with her entourage. One story consists of e-mails amongst her siblings of their efforts to sell the dilapidated NJ home of their father (whom they nicknamed “Platypus” and who may be sleeping with his Jamaican housekeeper).  There’s also a friend’s rooftop wedding, and will Ted’s helicopter land on them as the vows are exchanged?

Crime and Murder

From Lynne Demestichas:

Long Lost, by Harlen Coben
A mystery told in a light-heated manner,this was a fun read.The plot moves from New England to Paris and back a few times,with a crazy cast of characters.A missing husband never returns to his wife Terese. Her daughter is gone also. Looking for the both of them is Terese’s love from many years back. How and why was he summoned to search two countries for these people he doesn’t even know? Or does he,and does he find them without getting into his own perilous situation? Used to reading heavy duty, serious mystery,this was a nice change.I might even read some more by this author! I even laughed a little bit which is something one normally doesn’t do when reading tales of crime and murder.

Flesh and Bone, by Jefferson Bass
Dr. Bill Brockton,forensic anthropologist,recreates a grisly murder,and his life becomes even more bizarre trying to solve it.In trying to unearth every piece of evidence, he finds himself incriminated by some over zealous detectives and has much bigger problems than the murder itself. Along with his old flame, Dr.Jess Stone,and Mirana Lovelady, his assistant at the Body Farm, Brockton suffers loss and despair,as the investigation takes many distarous turns. His unethical lawyer tries to help plea his innocence but seems to be making matters worse,so see what happens in this murder/trial/lovestory. Like CSI in a book.