Elephant company : the inspiring story of an unlikely hero and the animals who helped him save lives in World War II

From Andrea Kalinowski

Author: Vicki Croke

Title: Elephant company : the inspiring story of an unlikely hero and the animals who helped him save lives in World War II

I have found quite frequently, in my reading life, one book leads to another interconnected book. I recently finished reading Elephant Company: the inspring true story of an unlikely hero and the animals who helped him save lives in World War II by Vicki Constantine Croke, and, of course, the author mentioned various other books. Some of the books touted were authored by Vicki Croke herself and some were used to further her understanding of the animals about whom Vicki was talking.

Elephant Company was an enlightening and heroic read. Jim “Billy” Williams was an adventuresome soul and the advertisement for a teak forester called to that aspect of his soul. Through his teak forestry work, Billy came to recognize and appreciate the greatness and intelligence of the elephants employed by the teak company. Elephant Bill, as he came to be known in the teak forests of Burma, was sought out and trusted by the elephants to treat their ills. Elephant Bill, through his interactions with the elephants, learned how to command men through respect and not fear. Elephant Company spoke of the mutual bond that can form between human and animal if both sides respect each other. It was this bond which enabled Elephant Bill, the elephants and their handlers, to assist others in fleeing the Japanese soldiers entering Burma. I simply could not put the book aside until the last page had been turned.

Trip Wire

From Robin McCracken

Title:  Trip Wire

Author:  Lee Child

The 4th in the Jack Reacher series continues to put Reacher in harm’s way wherever he is.  Starts off in Key West where a private detective is looking for him  to inform him his friend and boss from the Army has passed  away.  This leads to murder, romance, torcher, lies, greed and humor.  Lots of characters to follow with excitement, but found the book to be a little drawn out.

The Time of the Wolf

From Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  James Wilde
The Time of the Wolf
No holds barred immersion into the treachery and brutality rampant in Medieval England. A visceral explosion of action that follows the path of revenge which created a hero, a demon, a warrior, an outlaw named Hereward. English King Edward is heirless and ailing, and William the Bastard, a Norman, waits to cut a bloody path to the English throne. Hereward leads the resistance against William. Hereward, the dark angel of war, risks everything to save the land he loves and Alric, a peaceful monk, strives to save his friend’s soul. This historical fiction has graphic violence and plenty of action.

Hitler’s holy relics : a true story of Nazi plunder and the race to recover the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire

From Rita Gross
author: Kirkpatrick, Sidney D. 
Hitler’s holy relics : a true story of Nazi plunder and the race to recover the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire
At the end of the war, Lt. Walter Horn is charged with investigating the disappearance of the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire, and retrieving them.  As the story of their recovery unfolds, we learn of their sinister deeper symbolic meaning to the Nazis and Hitler.  The book follows his pursuit of the relics, and the uncovering of the plot that would have used them to imbue resurgent Nazis with mythic qualities.

Wild Fire

From Roberta Berrios
author: DeMille, Nelson
 Wild Fire
Wild Fire-a right wing plot to end the threat of Middle East terrorism, a premise of unfathomable proportions-powerful Americans detonating nuclear bombs in two large American cities to begin a world war. DeMille’s previous protagonist, Detective John Corey, now on the government’s anti-terrorism task force, returns to the scene to foil this plan.  Although the thought of a simpler life at all costs might appeal to many, the high body count of unwarranted human destruction motivates Corey and his FBI agent wife to stop even the most high profile of political players. DeMille keeps the twists and turns coming from beginning to end in this thriller. The plausibility of this diabolical scheme is frightening!


From Rosemarie Jerome
author: Sturges, Matthew
Mauritaine was a war hero and a captain in the Seelie Army until he was accused of treason and sentenced to life in prison.  The Queen offered  him a chance for freedom but he must embark on a secret, suicidal mission.  He, and five other prisoners, become fugitives who can trust no  one when the enemy is everywhere. This action packed adventure is filled with battles both internal and external, magic, intrigue, a touch of  romance and engaging characters.  The second title in the series is The Office of Shadow.

Little Bee

From Lynne Demestichas
author: Cleave  Chris
Little Bee
Thinking that this book was a silly story about, well, bees, I hesitated picking it off the shelf. It has turned out to be one of my favorites.(A sad  story with sort of a nice ending.) A couple takes a vacation to an “exotic” far-away resort to try and save their marriage. While walking on the  beach they find themselves in the middle of the country’s civil war, or so it seems like it from the violence they encounter. As the story enfolds  we find out who Little Bee is and where her journey takes her.This is a different kind of a book with many surprises, not all of them predictable, yet most of them heart wrenching.You will not forget this book once you read it.

The widow of the south

From Eileen Effrat
author: Hicks, Robert
The widow of the south
Based on an extraordinary and inspirational true story, THE WIDOW OF THE SOUTH is a fictional account of a real life woman, Carrie McGavock .
McGavock’s  Tennesseee  plantation was commandeered into a field hospital
during the bloody Battle of Franklin  on November 30, 1864.  In one
horrific day, 9,200 Union and Confederate soldiers died, while four
generals lay dead on her porch.    For those wounded, she was an angel of
mercy.  Her courage and compassion knew no bounds.  After the war , she
carefully maintained a cemetery for those fallen soldiers on her property.
It was for this she received   national recognition  and  the respect of
all Americans. For those readers who enjoy an authentic, well researched
setting, and an unforgettable character, this book is strongly suggested.