The Mitsitam Cafe cookbook

From Charlene Muhr
author: Hetzler, Richard
The Mitsitam Cafe cookbook
Last year I visited Washington, D.C., and toured many museums.  I had the opportunity to eat at the restaurant, the Mitsitam Cafe, in the National Museum of the American Indian.  I was delighted to discover the Mitsitam Cafe Cookbook which features ninety recipes from the restaurant that are adapted for home cooks.  The Mitsitam (which means “let’s eat” in the local Piscataway and Delaware languages) Cafe Cookbook features recipes from five Native culture areas in the Americas -Northeast Woodlands and Great Lakes, South America, North Pacific Coast and Columbia Plateau, Mesoamerica and Great Plains.  The cookbook is divided into ten sections:  appetizers, soups, salads, main courses, side dishes, sauces and salsas, breads, desserts, drinks and basic recipes and techniques.  In each recipe there is a sidebar about the origin of the recipe and its ingredients.  There is a special section of the cookbook, Ingredients and Sources which describes recipe ingredients, where they can be purchased and what substitutions can be made.  The Mitsitam Cafe Cookbook offers a variety of easy recipes that will delight many palates.

Immanuel’s Veins

From Rosemarie Jerome
author: Dekker, Ted
Immanuel’s Veins
It is a story about good vs. evil.  Redemption vs. sin.  Honor vs. self fulfillment.  It is all these but it is mainly about love.  The power of pure love vs. the corrupt power of seduction and possession.  Toma loves Lucine but he is honor bound to be her protector and follow his queen’s wishes to have her wed another.  Toma keeps his love a secret and Lucine falls under Vlad van Valerik’s seductive spell.  She is to become Vlad’s bride and only Toma can save her from damnation.

Survival of the fiercest : a Sloane sisters novel

From Sarah, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Carey, Anna
Survival of the fiercest : a Sloane sisters novel 
In the second Sloane Sister Novel, “Survival of the Fiercest,” Cate and Andie are still living on New York’s Upper East Side and their father has just got married to their friends’ (Stella and Lola) mom. When their parents leave for their honeymoon, things heat up! Cate is determined that she and Stella will form their own High School sorority. This is because they had a fight a few days earlier with their former best friends Blythe, Priya, and Sophie that resulted in Cate and Stella being banned from their own sorority. Cate’s number one goal is to form an even more popular sorority by herself! Cate recruites Stella to help work on starting the sorority and they make a new friend on the way! Additionally, Andie is dealing with a major crush problem. She likes this guy named Kyle, but her new stepsister Lola likes him too! Lola is, of course, trying to impress Kyle, but she is also meeting with a famous fashion designer to become a model!!!! I love this book, and I can’t wait to read the next one! This book is exciting, has good story lines and is full of drama! I will definitely recommend this book to any girl 8 and up!!!


From Chris Garland
titl: Millions [videorecording]
Millions is an uplifting tale about a nine year old boy whose mother has died and is moving with his father and brother to a new home and a new school. Damian is fascinated by the saints, who inspire him to do good deeds.

One day, the heavens provide him with an endless supply of money, which leads him on a complex adventure on which he will learn what money means to different people and what is really important in life.

Alex Etlel turns in a memorable performance as young Damien under the direction of Academy Award winning Danny Boyle.

Ender’s Game

From Mathew, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Card , Orson Scott
Ender’s Game
“Ender’s Game” takes placed entirely in the future. In this book’s future, there’s a bug-like, alien race called the Buggers. We are at war with the Buggers since they have attacked Earth two times in the recent past. Since we are at war, the Government has to select the brightest and toughest kids to train for the epic battles with the Buggers. Six year old Ender Wiggin is one of those lucky chosen kids after he won a nasty and really bloody fight with a schoolmate. It was after this fight that the Government thought, after much consideration, that little Ender Wiggin could defeat the evil Buggers. Ender was thought to be the perfect hero because he had two of the best traits that ran in his family. He had the violence and hatred of his brother, Peter, and the empathy and kindness of his sister, Valentine. As the book progresses, Ender launches off with other kids on a ship to Battle School, which is in outer space. Ender finds Battle School to b e an entertaining place, especially the game room, where the team battles happen. You’ll learn about the Game Room, and it’s rules, as you read through “Ender’s Game”, so it won’t be confusing. Ender gets put in the absolute beginners group (team), the Launchies. Ender is teased and made fun of at first, but, because of his abilities, he later becomes respected and befriended by the other kids. The Government advances Ender extremely quickly through Battle school since they want him to be isolated from the other kids and be prepared for battle as quickly as possible. The result is Ender becomes lonely and overworked. Those problems make Ender want to quit Battle School forever. Will Ender quit Battle School? If he stays, will he be the hero that he’s supposed to be? Find out those answers, and more in “Ender’s Game”.

Hitler’s holy relics : a true story of Nazi plunder and the race to recover the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire

From Rita Gross
author: Kirkpatrick, Sidney D. 
Hitler’s holy relics : a true story of Nazi plunder and the race to recover the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire
At the end of the war, Lt. Walter Horn is charged with investigating the disappearance of the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire, and retrieving them.  As the story of their recovery unfolds, we learn of their sinister deeper symbolic meaning to the Nazis and Hitler.  The book follows his pursuit of the relics, and the uncovering of the plot that would have used them to imbue resurgent Nazis with mythic qualities.


From Edward, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Burgess, Melvin
“Kite” by Melvin Burgess is a fiction about two boys, and how they are trying raise a large majestic bird called a kite. They live in Britain and they are only a few kites left due to habitat loss and overhunting. They found the kite as an egg, named it Teresa and as it kept growing, it was harder and harder to keep. Maybe too hard.

“Kite” is an extraordinary story. The author did an amazing job bringing out the characters, the plot line, and the details. I highly recommend this book to anyone, bird fanatic or not. I can guaranteed that this book won’t disappoint.


From Alicja Feitzinger
author: Yedaya, Keren
 Jaffa [videorecording]
This is a compelling drama about a young Jewish woman, Mali Wolf. Her father owns an auto repair shop in the heart of Jaffa. Mali and Toufik, a Palestinian mechanic, have been in love for years and now she is pregnant. As they plan their future together, an unexpected tragic incident changes
their lives. Mali is making tough choices as she is forced to deal with her unhappy family life and her uncertain future. This movie received mixed reviews, but I happen to like it. Mali’s strong character and the ultimate outcome made this story memorable and I would recommend it.


From Alicja Feitzinger
titl: Welcome [videorecording]
Welcome is a story about Bilal (Firat Ayverdi) and Simon (Vincent Lindon).  Bilal is a 17-year-old Kurdish refugee. He spent the last three months of his life traveling across Europe in an attempt to reunite with his girlfriend who recently emigrated to England. Simon (Vincent Lindon), a middle-aged swimming instructor, is dealing with a divorce from his wife (Audrey Dana).  They meet at a local swimming pool at Calais, France. Simon works there and eventually trains Bilal, so he can attempt to swim across the English Channel and find his girlfriend. Both men have a lot in common, despite their differences.  They develop a strong bond, which will ultimately alter their lives.  This movie left me with a strong impression and a lot to think about. I highly recommend it.

The demon’s parchment : a Crispin Guest medieval noir

From Rosemarie Jerome
author: Westerson, Jeri
 The demon’s parchment : a Crispin Guest medieval noir
Crispin Guest was a knight and a nobleman.  After being convicted of treason he lost everything.  Now he struggles to make a living as “The Tracker,” a man who will find anything or solve crimes for a price.  When approached by a Jewish physician to find stolen parchments, he reluctantly takes the job.  Are these parchments involved in the recent gruesome murders of young boys?  Were they used to bring forth a monster?  Who is behind this evil scheme?  This is based on the true events of a fifteenth century serial killer.  It is the third title in the series which includes “Veil of Lies” and “Serpent in the Thorns.” Can’t get enough of Crispin Guest?  Visit his blog at