Invisible Ellen

Fr0m Andrea Kalinowski

Author:  Shari Shattuck

Title:  Invisible Ellen

Have you ever wanted to be invisible? Have you ever wanted to slide along a wall and disappear into it or through the floorboards, perhaps, when someone is reading you the riot act? In Invisible Ellen by Shari Shattuck the principal character, Ellen, makes herself as invisible as possible. She observes the life of her neighbors and as an anthropologist would, records everything, but everything, in her notebooks. Her childhood was troubled and, being or attempting to be invisible, was a coping method. Do not move and the hunter cannot see you. Ellen is a habitual bus rider and her curiosity about the life of a blind rider forces her off the bus and onto her trail. This small act of curiosity, following the blind girl off the bus, somehow compels Ellen to a major act of bravery when she foils an attack on the blind girl. It is this one tiny impulsive action which begins the shredding of her invisibility shield. The blind girl, Temerity, draws Ellen back into the sometimes frustrating but sometimes wonderful world of humankind. It was a little slow to draw me in but overall a good, humorous read.


How to meet boys

From Vendula Schonfeldova
Title:  How to meet boys
Author:  Catherine Clark
Three best friends (the third one came along in the middle of the story, coming from Chicago) went for a summer break to Bridgeport, where grandparents of the girl Lucy lived there. Lucy worked with a boy from the long past in a story, Mikayla, the second girl worked in a club and fell for a coworker of Lucy and made a little drama while Lucy didn’t feel good around this boy. All ended up great. Girls found their boyfriends and enjoyed the summer. Happy Ending.

Coming to My Senses

From Margaret Mezzacapo
Author: Pam Rice
Title: Coming to My Senses
This is a pleasant tale of a woman’s struggle to retain her beloved home and her independence in the face of a condition leading to blindness. This could be particularly interesting for anyone dealing with a physical challenge, either for themselves or an elderly parent.

Book, Line and Sinker

From  Andrea Kalinowski
Author:  Jenn McKinlay
Book, Line and Sinker
Jenn McKinlay has a new series gracing the library shelves. A fast-paced, humorous mystery featuring a small-town library director and her Crafternoon friends. Her closest friend, however, is the Children’s Librarian, Beth Stanley. The first in the series is Books Can be Deceiving followed by Due or Die. The third title in the series is Book, Line and Sinker and as one can surmise it has to do with water and pirates, to be specific, who sail oceans blue and bury their pirate booty. Lindsey Norris is not as gung-ho as some of her fellow citizens about the pirate map but she does take advantage of the adventuresome spirit infusing the town and arranges a book display. When the Tourism Director is found murdered at the treasure site, Lindsey rolls up her sleeves and places herself in the middle of the action, regardless of the danger.

Puss in boots [videorecording DVD]

From Andrea  Kalinowski
Author:  Wheeler Tom
Puss in boots [videorecording DVD]
Puss in Boots (DVD) was a brand new take on an old tale. Antonio Banderas voiced Puss and Salma Hayek lent her sultry tone to his love interest, Kitty Softpaws. Kitty Softpaws was a double-edged moniker – Softpaws  because she is a deft thief and Softpaws because her owners declawed her for either playing too rough one day or clawing their furniture. This movie was mainly a blend of old nursery rhymes and it was woven together quite seamlessly. Humpty Dumpty was Puss’s friend in the orphanage but their paths diverged. Humpty Dumpty was eternally in pursuit of the magic beans which he thought would bring him wealth. In the end, Humpty Dumpty redeemed himself. Even though this movie is rated PG-13, I would definitely not let the under 13 set watch it by themselves since many of the themes were for mature audiences.

Zelda, the Queen of Paris : the true story of the luckiest dog in the world

From Andrea  Kalinowski
Author:  Paul Chutkow
Zelda, the Queen of Paris : the true story of the luckiest dog in the world 
If you enjoy the companionship of a four-footed friend, this book will really appeal to you and reinforce the love and camaraderie you feel with your pet. Zelda, the Queen of Paris : the true story of the luckiest dog in the world  is a true animal lover’s tale. Zelda is a dog on the streets of India who knows she doesn’t want to stay on the streets of India. She befriends an Indian maid, who works for a journalist and his wife. With her gentle eyes and endearing nature, she is eventually welcomed wholeheartedly into the household. She becomes a friend to everyone in the journalist’s circle and when he is reassigned to Paris, she is granted a visa too. She adopts the mannerisms of the French regarding food and while the Parisians in her immediate vicinity at first despise her, when she rescues their wine collection, they heap praise upon her furry head. Her final journey is to California and there she predicts an earthquake. She is a proven companion to the journalist’s sons until the end of her life and demonstrates all the best qualities of a companion animal, loyalty and love.

Jenniemae and James, A black and White Memoir

From Margo Blatt
author: Newman, Brooke
Jenniemae and James, A black and White Memoir
I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this book immensely.  I won it last year from the adult reading club.  I never read memiors before.  Didn’t think I’d like them.  But now I want to meet Brooke and her family.  She had a tough childhood but could have been worse. I loved the relationship between the 2 main characters.  I gave the book to my mom to read.  She must have hundreds of books to be read at her house and has given many away and I explained she had to read this one.  Hope she enjoys it as much as I did.

Gone to Green

From Ginny Pisciotta
author: Christie, Judy
Gone to Green
Lois Barker is an editor for a city newspaper in the Midwest.  She inherits a newspaper in rural Louisiana.  She moves down there hoping to turn the paper around and then sell it so she can return to her corporate lifestyle. She meets an interesting assortment of people, making new friends and enemies as she fights corruption and prejudice, and works to revitalize both the paper and the town.  In the end she must make the choice between her old lifestyle and her new one. Although the plot was somewhat predictable, it was an interesting book that gave me a glimpse into small town life in the south.  I plan on reading the sequel.

How To Say Goodbye in Robot

From Erem, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Standiford, Natalie
How To Say Goodbye in Robot
This is a very creative novel about two people uncovering their identities through their friendship. “How to Say Goodbye in  Robot”, is about Beatrice, a new girl moving to a new town. She experiences many obstacles and surprises when she meets Jonah Tate. As their friendship grows stronger, they uncover their identities as Ghost Boy and Robot Girl through the night show “The Night Light” show. They both have obstacles in their lives, which they fight or solve together. In the end, their friendship becomes a bond that is not breakable. Is their friendship about more than being friends? Read the book to find more about the story. I would recommend this book to teens who like reading about friendship novels. Overall, “How to Say Goodbye in Robot” creates a suspenseful mood that will keep you on the edge of your seat.