Stolen world : a tale of reptiles, smugglers, and skulduggery

From  Margaret Mezzacapo
Author:  Jennie Erin Smith
Title:  Stolen world : a tale of reptiles, smugglers, and skulduggery
I never knew much about reptiles, but apparently smuggling them is a business – a BIG business –and, unfortunately, a business that is often fatal for those grabbed from their native environments and brought to other countries. These animals are also often bought by zoos, who you would think would know better. Once again, money and greed prove to be irresistible. This tale is well-written and will hold your interest.

Awakening from Alzheimer’s : how 9 maverick doctors are reversing Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss

From  Ginny  Pisciotta
Author:  Peggy Sarlin
Title:      Awakening from Alzheimer’s : how 9 maverick doctors are reversing Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss
Awakening From Alzheimer’s is  fascinating, informative and encouraging.  The book is short and easy to read – you don’t need to be a scientist or doctor to understand it.  You will be encouraged by the stories of Alzheimer’s patients who got their lives back using various remedies mentioned in this book.  The book is mainly anecdotal, but does mention studies done on some of the supplements.  It is not about one particular course of action, but about various methods used by different doctors with success.

One of the doctors the author interviewed is Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. , a frequent guest on T.V. shows such as The Dr. Oz Show.  According to Dr. Teitelbaum,  many people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s don’t actually have it.  Dementia has a lot of causes and many of them are treatable.

A few of the supplements mentioned in the book are coconut oil, prevagen, lion’s mane (a medicinal mushroom), methylene blue, pycnogenol, PS, Huperzine A, Curcumin, Vectomega and Co-Q10.

In my opinion, this book is definitely worth reading.  Many of the suggestions are simple enough and inexpensive enough to at least try.  Although using several different supplements could get expensive, it would still be a bargain if it eliminated the need for assisted living.   Even if you don’t know anyone with dementia, this book is full of information to help safeguard your own cognitive abilities.

The girl in the blue beret : a novel

From Eileen Effrat
Author: Bobbie Ann Mason
Title: The girl in the blue beret : a novel
A sixty year old World War II bomber pilot returns to France forty years later. His forced retirement as an airline pilot and the death of his wife lead Marshall Stone to embark on a new journey. Relocating to Paris, he intends to locate the men, women, and the girl in the blue beret who hid him and led him to safety over the Pyrenees after his plane crashed in occupied France. Inspired by the true experience of the author’s father-in-law, this is historical fiction at its best. The setting is authentic for both time and place. Mason’s knowledge of World War II is extensive. This is a story about war, survival, and courage.

Five days at Memorial : life and death in a storm-ravaged hospital

From Margaret Mezzacapo
Author: Sheri Fink
Title: Five days at Memorial : life and death in a storm-ravaged hospital
What a book! This is the story of five hellish days at a New Orleans hospital during Hurricane Katrina. When the hospital lost power and the ability to care for its sickest patients, staff struggled to evacuate them. The book revolves around one Memorial Hospital doctor and her alleged decision to euthanize those patients who looked like they wouldn’t make it.
Author Sheri Fink, an M.D. and a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, has crafted a well-written, fascinating and hypnotic book. She raises many ethical questions and asks what we’ve learned from Katrina.
And in case you think, “It can’t happen here,” just remember Superstorm Sandy and how hospitals as close as Southside in Bay Shore evacuated patients.
This book will give you plenty of food for thought on numerous fronts.