Rot & Ruin

From Divya, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Maberry, Jonathan
Rot & Ruin
Rot and Ruin by Jonathan Maberry, is a great sci-fi novel about how humans would exist post-apocalypse. Benny’s earliest memory is of the First Night, when his brother Tom ran away with him, leaving behind his parents to be taken by zombies.

 Now, fourteen years later, the two Imura brothers live in the village of Mountainside, where only a fence separates them from the Rot and Ruin, home of the zombies. Fifteen-year-old Benny now has to get a job in order to keep his food rations, and he finds one in the “family business” of bounty hunting. However, his entire view of the world is altered when he ventures into the Rot and Ruin for the first time with Tom. All of his heros aren’t who they seem and he realizes he is always in constant danger, both from zombies and people. All the while, this teen has to deal with his crush on his best friend and the loss of his parents. I would definitely recommend this book (9 out of 10 stars) because it has action, suspense, mystery, and romance all in one. So go out and read this book!

Warm Bodies

From Rosemarie Jerome
author: Marion, Isaac
Warm Bodies
Whether caused by a plague or a curse, zombies roam the earth.  Humans build their outposts. And the two groups are at war.  R is a zombie and this is his story.  Yes he hunts humans, shuffles around aimlessly, stands like a statue for hours and randomly falls into deep sleeps but he is also different.  There is a spark of awareness in him that makes him question, doubt and dream.  One day Julie, a human, enters his life and he instinctively must protect her at all cost.  Changes occur gradually, she becomes his world and it is a world where anything is possible.  This post-apocalyptic story has you cheering for the most unlikely hero.  His innocent charm makes you forget that he is a monster, or is he?  It is compelling and thought provoking which gets you through the gore.

Brains For Lunch

From Constantine, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Holt, K.A.
Brains For Lunch
If you have been in middle school, you know how troublesome life can be. Well, let’s face it any grade can be hard. And you may think only kids like you have to go through it, but zombies have problems in school too. In Brains for Lunch by K.A. Holt, the author shows how similar we are to our undead counter-parts. We all have those stupid friends who always do the unexpected, those annoying kids that tend to tease you till you snap,the Romeo-Juliet love stories, and many other common things. And not to spoil the book, but like our undead hero, Loeb, once said “We have one commonality: “Middle school sucks hard!” I would personally recommend this book to people who like a quick laugh and fast read. After all it is a zombie novel in haiku form. If you’re looking for a genre, zombie humor is best way to categorize this book.

Once bitten, twice dead

From Andrea Kalinowski
author: D’Arc, Bianca
Once bitten, twice dead
Zombies, zombies everywhere just in time for Halloween.  The first Bianca D’Arc novel to introduce the reader to this newly revived character was “Once bitten, twice dead” followed by “Half past dead” which contains two novellas, one of which is Bianca D’Arc’s “Simon says”. The latest installment of zombies is contained within “The Beast within” and the novella is entitled “Smoke on the water”. The military wanted to make their soldiers indestructible but something went horribly wrong and they became zombies. Some of the scientists, those for whom the term “evil genius” was coined, are interested in using the zombies for personal gain. One of the scientists uses the zombies to enact revenge against her adulterous husband and his new love interest.  The books are fun and a little hair-raising.  The battle between good and evil is featured and
thankfully, for humankind anyway, the zombies and their evil creators are temporarily halted but the next installment of the battle is due soon inthe book “A Darker shade of dead”. Will evil triumph over good, avarice over sacrifice? Stay tuned …