Rules of Civility

From Ellen Druda
Author:  Amor  Towles
Rules of Civility
If you’re a fan of movies from the 30’s and 40’s starring a wise-cracking and beautiful heroine who mingles with high-society New York, put this book on reserve now. Meet Katey Kontent and her best pal, the tragic Eve. Out celebrating the end of 1937 in a Village jazz joint, Katey and Eve meet wealthy Tinker Grey, and the three become fast friends. Tinker allows them into his world of the rich and very rich, and Katey impresses his associates enough to start her own ascent from legal secretary pool to glamorous publishing world. The writing has an elegance and style that perfectly mimics the New York City setting.

Klonopin Lunch: a Memoir

From  Jackie Cantwell
Author:  Jessica Dorfman Jones
Klonopin Lunch: a Memoir
What happens when a married lawyer with a hum-drum life gets a taste of Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll? Read this well-crafted memoir to find out. Jessica, a product of New York’s Upper East Side, always played by the rules, which included excelling at the finest schools and marrying her college boyfriend. Enter a handsome guitar teacher, and at the age of thirty, she forgets the life she knew. Their flirtation becomes a full-blown affair, and she starts to take illegal drugs, gets tattooed, and fancies herself a rock star. She writes songs with the guitar teacher’s pal, becomes the lead singer of a fledgling rock band, and stays out ‘til all hours of the night, thus testing the limits of her husband’s understanding and support. This tale of sexual obsession and codependency is painfully honest. She often doesn’t come across as very likeable or sympathetic. Yes, she’s selfish, and yes, she ought to know better. There are very funny sections, including the lunch with her gay pal, where the book gets its title. It could be said that New York City is another character in the book; the evocative descriptions of Manhattan are such that you can almost smell the spilled beer and cigarette smoke in the clubs. There are graphic depictions of sexual activity and drug use, so this book is not for the squeamish or the prudish.