Where She Went

From  Vendula schonfeldova

Title:  Where She Went

Author:  Gayle Forman

Second part of If I stay told from Adam’s point of view. After three years of separation between Adam and Mia they meet up again in New York City and bring up all harms and what actually happened so long ago. They both have made it far, Mia is a cello performer and Adam has his band. They take a night walk thought the city and falling in love once again. Finally they go on tour together as in old times.


From Gina Scaglione
Title:  Matched
Author:  Ally Condie
This is the first book in a trilogy. It is very much like The Giver in that it is based on the concept of a “perfect” society. The difference is that this one has a female main character as well as a love triangle twist to make it perfect for female and older readers. I am already on the second book and living that one too. A must-read!

How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

From Dana Panzarino
author: Alvarez, Julia
How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents
This is a great novel about the American dream and the struggles of a family assimilating into American culture from Dominican culture.  It is an interesting perspective into different gender roles since the novel is written from the different perspectives of the various characters.  Each chapter is written in the voice of a different character and from a different time period in the lives of the characters.  It is interesting to see how the roots of family conflict can cross cultural boundaries.

Sea Change

From Elizabeth Harty
author: Friedman, Aimee
Sea Change
Sea Change by Aimee Friedman is a fictional novel geared towards the young adult reader. As a high school teacher, I am always looking for books that will captivate the interest of my students while simultaneously providing them with an interesting book to read. Sea Change fits all of these requirements as it is a novel that young adult readers will find compelling and captivating. The novel is set on the fictional Selkie Island (loosely based on Tybee Island, SC) where the protagonist, Miranda Merchant, a smart and sassy teenager from New York City, is helping her mother reconcile her recently deceased parents’ estate. It is here on Selkie Island that Miranda meets Leo, a local boy who has a mysterious quality about him. Miranda is a character whom teenagers will identify with and enjoy reading about her life-changing experiences during one monumental summer. Friedman is an exceptional writer who provides the reader with a well-written and enjoyable read.