A Little Gentle Sleuthing

From Elaine Pasquali
 A Little Gentle Sleuthing
Author:  Betty Rowlands
 This was Rowlands first crime novel and it was very engaging.  The lead character, Melissa Craig, herself a  crime novel writer, investigates and solves a local crime. Enough character development to enrich the story without detracting from the plot.

Sarah’s Key

From Susan Martin
author: de Rosnay, Tatiana
Sarah’s Key
This is a very moving story about a part of World War II history which is unknown to many.  The Vel d’Hiv in France showed the part played by the French during this time.  Sarah and her family are arrested by the French police, and years later, another character and her family have become intertwined with Sarah’s past, which changes their future.

Growing Up

From Helen
author: Baker, Russell
Growing Up
This is an autobiography of the two time Pulitzer Prize winning author, Russel Baker.  Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down.  It is a warm, likable and funny account of growing up in America during the Depression years and World War II.  Very well written, the book immediately pulls you in and takes you through his life experiences, both tragic and comic; a very enjoyable, informative, quick read.

Sarah’s Key

From Linda Lennon
author: de Rosney, Tatiana
Sarah’s Key
In 1942 thousands of Jews were rounded up in Paris and transported to Aushwitz.  On the 60th anniversary of the Vel d Hiv, Julia Jarmond is  asked to write an article for an American magazine about the event.  She discovers Sarah, a connection to her family and revelations about  herself. Great historical fiction!