To Have and to Kill

From Elaine Pasquali

Title:  To Have and to Kill

Author:  Mary Jane Clark

Piper Donovan, an out-of-work soap opera star and occasional pastry decorator in her mother’s baker, is cast in the role of wedding cake baker for her friend, Glenna’s, wedding.  Glenna begins to receive threatening letters about her impending wedding.  The letters are quickly followed by two murders and an attempted murder.  There is no absence of suspects, including Glenna’s fiancé, Casey.  This is a engaging, well written mystery

Happy ever After

From Erika Brignati

Title:  Happy ever After

Author:  Nora Roberts

In book four of a quartet. Parker one of the four main protagonists finds love and a happily ever after. This book is based on Nora Roberts writing based on four childhood best friends who create a wedding planning business named Vows. A summer must read!

Insane city [sound recording CD] : [a novel]

From Jackie Cantwell
Author:  Dave Barry
Title:  Insane city [sound recording CD] : [a novel]
This laugh-out-loud romp could only be brought to you by Dave Barry. We meet our protagonist, Seth, as he’s heading to his eco-friendly wedding at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne.  He’s set to marry Tina, a beautiful, Harvard lawyer from a wealthy family, who really should be out of his league.  The zany characters include strippers, an escaped orangutan, angry cops, angry pimps, an Albino python, Haitian refugees, etc. Hilarious situations include a hijacked pirate ship, a misplaced batch of marijuana brownies, and a billionaire whose wish is to join a secret society. This is a real page turner (or disc turner) as the reader wonders “Will the ‘groom posse’ rescue Seth from himself?” and “Will the wedding go off as planned”?