The widow of the south

From Eileen Effrat
author: Hicks, Robert
The widow of the south
Based on an extraordinary and inspirational true story, THE WIDOW OF THE SOUTH is a fictional account of a real life woman, Carrie McGavock .
McGavock’s  Tennesseee  plantation was commandeered into a field hospital
during the bloody Battle of Franklin  on November 30, 1864.  In one
horrific day, 9,200 Union and Confederate soldiers died, while four
generals lay dead on her porch.    For those wounded, she was an angel of
mercy.  Her courage and compassion knew no bounds.  After the war , she
carefully maintained a cemetery for those fallen soldiers on her property.
It was for this she received   national recognition  and  the respect of
all Americans. For those readers who enjoy an authentic, well researched
setting, and an unforgettable character, this book is strongly suggested.