Fatal enquiry

From Rosemarie Jerome

Author:  Will Thomas

Title:  Fatal enquiry

Private Agent Cyrus Barker is framed for murder and there is a reward for his capture.  With no funds, no solid leads in the case and everyone after him , he is forced to hide in the East End of Victorian London.  His assistant, Thomas Llewelyn,  must find the evidence to prove that Barker is innocent but the culprit is after him at every turn.  This sixth book in the series is a departure from the usual;  it is Llewelyn’s case with Barker lurking in the shadows.  I enjoyed the book but I missed the interaction between the two characters.  It did provide the reader with an opportunity to learn more about Barker\’s mysterious past.  Though the identity of the culprit is not a mystery, the chase, some surprises and the hunt for the truth creates a suspenseful adventure.  The cliffhangers hint at possibilities for their future exploits.

The Yard

From Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  Alex Grecian
The Yard
Detective Inspector Walter Day is new to the Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad. When a body is found in a steamer trunk at the Eaton Square Station, it becomes his investigation. Pressure to solve the case quickly increases when word gets out that it is one of their own, Inspector Christian Little, who has been murdered. Day is assisted by coroner, Dr. Bernard Kingsley, who is a forensic pioneer at University College Hospital. Their unconventional methods are ridiculed by his superiors and colleagues and he begins to doubt his ability to solve the crime. To add to his distress, Constable Nevil Hammersmith, discovers the body of a 5 year old boy stuffed halfway up a chimney. Are these two cases somehow connected? Set in Victorian London, the period details and the use of real historical figures makes this a must read for fans of Sherlockian mysteries and the advent of criminology such as in Caleb Carr’s The Alienist.

The Black Hand

from Rosemarie Jerome
author: Will Thomas
The Black Hand
This is the fifth book in the Barker & Llewelyn series which includes:  Some Danger Involved, To Kingdom Come, The Limehouse Text, and The Hellfire Conspiracy.  Set in Victorian London, the series contains all the elements for an enjoyable read; it has action, romance, humor, intrigue and quirky characters that you just love reading about.  Each book deals with a different ethnic group, so you discover a part of London society that is not often covered in historical thrillers.  Thomas Llewelyn gains more shocking insights about his elusive employer with each book, so that adds to the fun.  The Black Hand takes you into the mirky world of the Mafia.  Baker & Llewelyn, who are private enquiry agents, are asked to assist the Thames Police with their murder investigation.  When it is discovered that each victim received a cryptic Black Hand message prior to their death, the Mafia becomes a suspect and our heroes become a target.