No time to lose : a life in pursuit of deadly viruses

From Andrea  Kalinowski
Author:  Peter Piot
No time to lose : a life in pursuit of deadly viruses
No time to lose : a life in pursuit of deadly viruses by Peter Piot is an autobiography of his life. Peter was a medical student who wanted to specialize in Infectious Diseases. A professor of his told him, “There is no future in infectious diseases. They’ve all been solved.”
I, the reader, found the idea that all Infectious Disease has been eradicated highly suspect. I believe that there are still new, undiscovered organisms out there. Peter was a tireless advocate for AIDS research, education and treatment. Many countries denied the existence of AIDS in their populace and if they did acknowledge the existence of this killer, they underestimated the numbers affected. Then, as now, it is a struggle to get people to agree on a specific course of action. He remains concerned about the sustainability of the response for the AIDS epidemic and for people living with this disease.  “(Peter) learned that our human capacity to survive and find meaning in life is beyond imagination …”  This book was a highly informative medical biography of both Peter Piot and the AIDS epidemic.