Twilight Zone: Walking Distance

From Carson, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Kneece, Mark
Twilight Zone: Walking Distance
The graphic novel The Twilight Zone: Walking Distance is about a man named Martin Sloan who wants to take a break from his busy schedule he has to deal with everyday. So he decides to drive further away from where he usually goes, somewhere up the road, looking for sanity. Then he sees Homewood up ahead. Martin grew up in Homewood and is surprised to see it coming up ahead in two miles. Thrilled with excitement, Martin drives up to Homewood and goes into an ice cream store.
Martin realizes once in the ice cream store how nothing has changed at all since he was a kid and used to go to the ice cream store. And when Martin orders three scoops of ice creams, the guy only says it will be a dime for the three scoops. This confuses Martin. Martin gets more confused. When he looks around his old neighborhood, he recalls how all the house look just as he had remembered them. Then Martin races to his old house. His own dad opens the door. Then the mom comes by the door. His parents don’t remember him.

I would recommend this book to people who like reading science fiction books and people who like books that you have to sit down and think about after reading.