The loving story [videorecording DVD]

From Ellen Druda

Author: Nancy Buirski

Title: The loving story [videorecording DVD]

On the surface, The Loving Story is simply about Mildred and Richard Loving, an interracial couple in the 1960’s, and their struggles in the Jim Crow South. Filmmaker Nancy Buirski has put together an amazing compilation of interviews and unearthed archival footage that brings us beyond the news coverage at the time of the Loving’s legal fight to be together wherever they chose to live, and into the personal revelations of the parties involved. We hear from their lawyers, both at the time of the Supreme Court ruling and now, looking back.  The Loving’s children, neighbors, friends, and extended family are also seen both then and now.  What emerges is the story of a couple, ordinary people just asking to live like ordinary people do. The civil rights struggle is the heart of the film, and although it focuses on the case of the Lovings in the 1960’s, the fight is still relevant today.

The bone garden : the Sacramento boardinghouse murders

From Jackie Cantwell
author: Wood, William P
 The bone garden : the Sacramento boardinghouse murders
This is the true story of Dorothea Puente who was one of our country’s most prolific female serial killers. The author has first-hand knowledge of the crimes, as he was a deputy D.A. in Sacramento when she was tried for drugging and robbing elderly people in 1982. After jail time, she continued her life of crime in earnest. She opened a boardinghouse where she “cared for” the sick, the elderly, and the mentally ill. She got referrals from local social workers.  She took the tenants’ monthly government checks and cashed them. If any of her charges got difficult, they were drugged, strangled or smothered to death, and buried in the backyard.  This is definitely a page-turner. “The bone garden” will chill you to the bone.

Secret of the White Rose

From Rosemarie Jerome
author: Pintoff, Stefanie
 Secret of the White Rose
Anarchists? Blackmailers? Conspirators?  Who is killing judges?  And why are white roses, bibles and sheets of music left at the crime scenes?

Detective Simon Ziele and Criminologist Alistair Sinclair’s hunt for the killer takes them through the opulent world of high society and the poverty ridden streets of 1906 New York City.  It is a baffling case that has the public screaming for the blood of the anarchists, the media deciding guilt in their articles, and the commissioner pressuring his officers to find the suspects immediately.  Time is running out for Simon and Alistair. Will the truth be discovered or will the next victim hit closer to home?  Pintoff’s crime fighting duo are a perfect blend. Their differences in age, social class, and criminal investigation add dimension to the plot and make turn of the century New York come to life.  This is the third book in the series which includes “A Curtain Falls” and “In the Shadow of Gotham.”