Death, taxes, and a French manicure : [a Tara Holloway novel]

From Andrea Kalinowski
Author: Diane Kelly
Title: Death, taxes, and a French manicure : [a Tara Holloway novel]
Were you aware that the Internal Revenue Service has agents who are licensed to carry guns? I wasn’t cognizant of this fact until I started to read the Tara Holloway novels penned by Diane Kelly. The series begins with Death, taxes, and a French manicure and continues with Death, taxes, and a skinny no-whip latte; Death, taxes, and extra-hold hairspray; Death, taxes, and a sequined clutch (novella); Death, taxes, and peach sangria; Death, taxes, and hot-pink leg warmers; Death, taxes, and green tea ice cream; Death, taxes, and mistletoe mayhem (novella) and coming soon is Death, taxes, and silver spurs. Tara Holloway is a Texas girl, born and bred, and the Annie Oakley of the IRS. Her marksmanship skills soon put her on the hot seat with the equivalent of the IA (Internal Affairs) Department. In the latest adventure, Tara is called to account for her use of weaponry. She did not use deadly force but instead, or so the review alleged, shot to avenge the abuse that her fellow operatives underwent on this last mission. Her fellow female operative was fed a date-rape drug and was on the verge of being sexually abused, while her male counterpart was being beaten by two thugs. Tara Holloway is a strong female character and I look forward to her further adventures.