Love in Disguise

From Ginny  Pisciotta
Author:  Carol Cox
Love in Disguise
It’s the 1880’s and would-be actress Ellie has just lost her job as wardrobe mistress and personal assistant to a theatre starlet.  With no money for rent or food, she overhears 2 Pinkerton agents talking about the need for a female operative.  She uses her acting skills and costuming experience to convince them to give her a chance.

She leaves Chicago to head for Arizona.  Along the way she is to meet the more experienced female agent she is to work with.  When the other agent bows out to get married, Ellie continues on alone, hoping to solve the mystery (thefts of silver shipments) before the agency recalls her.

The book gives the reader  a little humor as Ellie plays two very different roles in a western mining town with an  assortment of interesting characters, a little romance as she falls for the owner of one of the silver mines, and a little supense as mysteries always have their villains and danger.  All in all, it’s a pretty good read.