The teacher wars : a history of America’s most embattled profession

From Edna Susman

Author: Dana Goldstein

Title:   The teacher wars : a history of America’s most embattled profession 

Coming from a long line of teachers, the author, Dana Goldstein, is a Spencer Fellow in educational journalism, a Schwarz Fellow at the New America Foundation and a Puffin Foundation Writing Fellow at the Nation Institute. Numerous issues such as overcrowding, teaching ESL, educational fads, federal funding, teachers’ unions, and the use of test scores and ratings are addressed. Many of these issues have been part of our American educational debates throughout history. Even with this, the author remains optimistic about the profession.

A Knife in the Back

From Elaine Pasquali
author: Crider, Bill
A Knife in the Back
This is a fast moving, engaging, light summer read.  English Department Chairperson, Dr. Sally Good, once again teams up with her colleague, Jack Neville, to solve a crime.  Only this time, Jack is the prime suspect.  Having just finished reading a rather dark novel, A Knife in the Back was the perfect antidote.

Haunted Teachers: True Ghost Stories

From Gina Scaglione
author: Zullo, Allan
Haunted Teachers: True Ghost Stories
The adventures continued with haunted teacher stories.  These ones seemed a bit more frightening than the last set I wrote about.  I definitely think that these ones need to be for the tween set, rather than the younger crowd.  I actually spooked myself with one of these stories:)  Enjoy.