No time for tears: surviving grief in America

From  Jackie  Cantwell
Author:  Judy  Heath
No time for tears: surviving grief in America 
Judy is a psychotherapist who used to practice in Huntington, but moved to Charleston, SC. She is an experienced bereavement specialist who counseled firemen and cops after 9/11. This is an excellent book with concrete, real-life suggestions to help one who is grieving. The author shares case studies of individuals crippled by grief who were able to function again through talk therapy.  There are chapters designated for each type of grief, such as loss of a child, a spouse, a parent, a pet, etc.  There are also sections on how children and the elderly handle grief.  There are pointers on how to re-frame the experience for those who blame themselves for their loss. She also addresses how to cope with the things that well-meaning people say to the survivor, which usually have the opposite effect.  Judy’s compassion and calm tone come through in each passage. She seems to possess a special empathy with grievers because, as she shares in the beginning, she lost her infant son. Judy describes different symptoms and behaviors in grievers and when to seek professional help. There is an excellent resources section in the back with organizations which help different types of sufferers.