Fire Witness

From Eileen Effrat
Author: Lars Kepler
Fire Witness
This is the third book in the Swedish mystery series featuring Detective Joona Linna, an astute detective who often observes evidence unnoticed by others. He now is investigating two brutal murders in a shelter for troubled teenage girls. As always, he refuses to accept an easy answer. The case becomes more complicated with the involvement of a medium who claims to have “seen” the crime. This is a psychological thriller that is fast paced and rather unsettling. This can also be said of the two previous books in the series—-The Hypnotist and The Nightmare.

Unwanted: A novel

From  Eileen  Effrat
Author:  Kristina Ohlsson
Unwanted:  A novel
In Sweden,a mother leaves her six year old daughter sleeping on a train while she slips off the train to make a quick telephone call. The train leaves without her and the daughter disappears. The child’s body is found hundreds of miles away with the word  “UNWANTED” scrawled on her forehead. In quick succession, 2 other child abductions occur with the same M.O.. What follows is the pursuit of a ruthless child killer.  This is a police procedural from a new Swedish  author. If you enjoy Nordic noir, give this a try.

The hypnotist

From Eileen Effrat
Author:  Lars Kepler
The hypnotist 
A family has been brutally murdered in a Stockholm suburb. The lone survivor is the teenage son who has sustained multiple stab wounds and is in a state of shock. With no clues to follow,  Detective  Joona Linna enlists the help of a retired hypnotist, Erik Bark. The hypnotism works, but unleashes an unforeseen chain of events. Written by a Swedish husband and wife team, this is an intense  and very disturbing novel that explores psychological and physical abuse, revenge and gang violence.