White truffles in winter

From Rosemarie Jerome
Author: N.M. Kelby
White truffles in winter : a novel
This literary gem needs to be shared. It is a quiet, intense portrayal of a man who loved two women but whose passion was food. This man is the great French chef Auguste Escoffier and this is his elegant “memoir in meals.” Like his magnificent culinary creations, there is a complexity to this story that evokes the spirit of the time and captures the essence of the man. His was a life of extremes: suffering and captivity during the Franco-Prussian War; wealth and splendor communing with royalty, high society, the powerful, and poverty in his declining years. The cornucopia of images and feelings bombard the senses and creates a rich realism that you could almost touch and taste. Escoffier did not want to be forgotten, this story makes you want to know more about the man who was an epicurean genius yet a sad, idealistic romantic.

The Hundred Foot Journey

From Kathy Taufman
author: Morais, Richard
The Hundred Foot Journey
I enjoyed reading this book.  The author maintained my interest in the characters and storyline throughout the book.  This book touched on many things.  It gave you some insight into the world of cooking and being a chef. Also, how we treat others and whether we are a person who wants to be in a place of always looking/expecting to receive or do we want to be a giver.  It also gives some insight into another culture.

Eat This Not That: A Restaurant Survival Guide. The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution

from Lola Ferris
author: Zinczenko, David
Eat This Not That: A Restaurant Survival Guide. The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution
Athough this book is supposedly a diet book, anyone who wants to eat
nutritionally will be amazed by the facts it contains about chain
restaurants and the nutrients in their food.
For instance, if you’re eating at Applebees, you can get a salad or steak
and grilled shrimp. You opt for the salad because it’s low-fat and
nutritious? Think again. The grilled shrimp and spinach salad has 1,040
calories whereas the steak and grilled shrimp is only 390.
Watching your salt?  The sodium content in almost all of the dishes
mentioned is out of sight. Quiznos has a prime rib and Peppercorn sub with
2,570 mg of sodium. Even the healthy dishes in most of these restaurants
generally contain over 1,000mg of salt.
“Eat This Not” is a compact, colorful look at the world of eating out
that may change your  choices.