From Gina Scaglione
Title: Crossed
Author: Ally Condie
This is the second book in the Matched trilogy by Ally Condie. The action just keeps intensifying! So, they have finally broken out of the society, but now what? They are left completely on their own with absolutely no resources. Will they be able to learn how to care for themselves? You will have to read Reached to find out how this amazing trilogy ends:)

Fire In The Sky: Seekers Book 5

From Catherine, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Hunter, Erin
Fire In The Sky: Seekers Book 5
 This book is about four bears who must go on a perilous quest to save the wild. These bears’ names are Lusa, Toklo, Kallik, and Ujurak.  They have been following the Pathway Star throughout their whole journey, but now it is directly overhead, and they have reached the Endless Ice.  Ujurak, who was elected as the leader of this quest, decides that they must go onto the ice for the next part of their quest.  But there are many dangers on the ice, and the black and brown bears are trying to fight the pull of longsleep, which all black and brown bears do in the wintertime.  Kallik must find food and shelter for everybody on the ice, and she soon discovers that it was not the frozen paradise that she had dreamed of.  She realizes that she doesn’t know where she is leading her friends, and needs Ujurak to tell her the signs that will direct them to their final destination.  There is nothing for Lusa, the little black bear, to eat out on the ice, and  seal makes her sick.  She feels the pull of longsleep the most, and her friends are worried that she might fall asleep and not wake up until spring.  Toklo is worried that she might get sick and die, so he tells the others that they must go on without them, because he and Lusa are going back to the mainland.  Will they find their way back to the forest, or will they have to turn around and go back to their friends? And most importantly, will they all survive until they’ve reached their destinations????

 I would reccommend this book for animal lovers and teens who like to read about journeys and quests into the unknown.  This was a 5 star book; I was left hanging until the very end.  Fire In The Sky should be the next book on your “To Read” list!!!