The silent sister

From  Andrea  Kalinowski

Author:  Diane  Chamberlain

Title:  The silent sister

“I know that the lies in our family hurt all of us, especially Danny and myself. Growing up in a household where something is terribly wrong, you feel the weight of that mysterious something even though it’s unspoken. It eats at you. Confuses you. It leaves you wondering if your view of the world will ever make sense.” The Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain was an unexpected surprise hit with me. It was recommended to me by my sister-in-law. She could not stop reading the book and neither could I.

A young woman returns to her father’s house to clean out his home and to settle his estate. She thinks her only relative is her brother, who is perceived, by her and others, as being mentally ill. In the cleaning process, secrets of her sister’s suicide are unearthed and shed new light on the family dynamics. Lisa was seventeen when she committed “suicide” and it was this “suicide” which changed the family’s dynamic from a cohesive functioning family unit to a dysfunctional mishmash. Danny harbors his own resentments about Lisa’s familial role and the transformation that is wrought by her “suicide.” The discovery of newspaper articles detailing the real story behind the “suicide” set Riley off in search of the real story. The full scope of the deception forces Riley and Danny into a new and uncertain familial future. Our choices today really do have a ripple effect even though we may not perceive them clearly at the moment of decision. The Silent Sister was an excellent, suspenseful read. I give it four stars.

Crunch time

From Andrea Kalinowski
author: Davidson, Diane Mott
Crunch time
Crunch time by Diane Mott Davidson was anentertaining read but for the first time, Goldy Schulz really got on my nerves with her insistence on bulldozing ahead. She blithely disregards her husband’s concerns for her safety and just blunders around in his case. Her husband suggests they expand their family  but I am wondering if his ulterior or hidden motive is to ground Goldy. The book focuses mainly on the issue of Cuban refugees and their boat captains. Yolanda, one of Goldy’s support staff and her friend, and Ferdinanda, her aunt, have earned the enmity of Kurt, Yolanda’s former boyfriend turned stalker. There are various other threads woven through the story but Goldy’s insistence on forcing her nose into everything was a great irritant to me this time. I felt like tapping her shoulder and ordering her to a timeout.