The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek

From Ginny  Pisciotta
Author:  Jane Myers  Perrine
The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek
The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek is a light-hearted look at small town life.  It focuses on the newly  arrived, newly ordained minister Adam Jordan. As he adjusts to small town life, he must learn to deal with Miss Birdie(who he nicknames “ the pillar”, a kind hearted but pushy and outspoken widow who feels it’s her job to train him in how to be a proper minister.  One of Birdie’s chief jobs as a member of “the widows” is matchmaking.  She takes this role very seriously.  She does not believe ministers, or anyone else of marriageable age for that matter, should be single so Adam must learn to deal with her not so subtle attempts at matchmaking.  Another  of the widows’  pet projects is matching up a marine who lost his leg in Afghanistan and is dealing with post-traumatic stress and depression with a recently divorced physical therapist with 2 sons.

The book maintains a humorous and light-hearted tone, even through sad or serious storylines.  It is similar in substance and style to Phillip Gulley’s Harmony series. You grow to love all the characters, even with their flaws and eccentricities.

The next Butternut Creek novel is titled The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek.